Friday, December 08, 2006

Workshop day

I went to a really great workshop today about how to start your own business. It provided me with a full brain, lots of ideas, and way too much knitting time. Seriously, I have been knitting both of my cardigan fronts at the same time, so they get done at the same gauge, and so I can do two at a time. I made a serious amount of progress on them. I must have knit 30 some rows on each piece- about 60 plus rows. I went from the bottom of them, about 3 inches up from the bottom past my waist shaping, and to the chest increase stitches, and did the first of 3 increases there. Sweet.

I didn't knit on the other projects though- just my cardigan fronts. And now it is Friday night and we are about to hang out with some friends and I am T-I-R-E-D. I didn't get to sleep on time last night- and got less sleep than I need. Plus, on Friday the busyness of the week catches up with me.

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