Monday, August 31, 2009

Spa relaxation

Totally unrelated to the deodorant bit, but I went to the Spa today. First I exercised and walked, jogged, and ran on the treadmill. I hadn't jogged or ran for months. I went in the hot tub, and followed it up with the Kohler Experience shower.

This shower has 4 heads, one directly above your head like a waterfall, then another like a normal shower, and three more square heads in a vertical line at shoulder height on down. There was a laminated instruction plaque that I removed from the shower door and took into the shower with me, so I could figure it out. The keypad for it looked like an IPOD. There was a blue display a few buttons and a large dial. I tried out most of the settings. It was quite good, and had excellent water pressure. You could even select your temperature, 101-102 degrees for me. Ahh.

Then, I quick snacked on some mini animal crackers and drank the lime spa water till my appt. DH had bought me a gift certificate for Christmas, and since there was a discount available this week, their very own deal on a stick ala State Fair, it was time to use it. I had a 100 min MN river rock massage. Those hot rocks feel amazing with massage oil and a skilled masseuse. 'Twas uber relaxing:) Thanks DH!

did u know?

That deodorant expires? I had used up one, and went to my stash of 4 more, a girl can't smell bad- it's like an unspoken rule, and used it. It seemed to smell weird, like, the scent smelled acidic or off in some way like it had gone bad. I used it for 3 more days, still smelled the same. It was the same spring breeze fragrance I always buy. So I read the labels and learned that it had expired last year. I always buy the bonus packs too, of the buy two at a time for a better deal. I had to throw out 3 more. Yuck.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grandma took him to JcPenney's to get his pic taken

But they were booked up that day.

FO= Liesl

FO= Liesl
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This is a great sweater, but I have to lengthen the sleeves. They keep
"growing" shorter the more I wear it. This happened with another sweater of
mine, a bulky green one. I am still counting it as a finished object, but
having to add it to the "fix/felt/block" list that I have going. I am
tightening up the neckband on my green tank, need to lengthen the Liesl's
sleeves, fix a hole in my Fuzzy feet slippers, complete the work on a red
re-purposed sweater, and need to block a Branching Out scarf. That's all on
that other list.

Yes, I am a list maker. They are the best way to get things done for me. I
wrote a list of everything that was unfinished, now all that remains in the
monkey sock, mancala, a dishcloth, owls2 sweater, embroider a face on
another Bunny Nugget, a 2nd leaf lace shawl, thrummed mittens, a crochet
bib, and the Wonderful Wallaby that I just cast on. I thought about being a
monogamous knitter, or at least striving for near knitting monogamy, but I
don't think it will happen.

I set up a new list of things that I wanted to finish before starting a new
project (but cheated with the Wallaby sweater for Noah).

I finished a drop stitch stole, that I started this past spring- after going
to the Chris Bylsma class at Three Kittens. And I am nearly done with the
2nd of the Monkey socks- I'm about to have a pair!

Then, I will have no socks on the needles. I am going to knit some for Noah
next out of this super fluffy yarn I bought at Northwind Book and Fiber when
I was there last.

Noah is climbing on DH's amp and guitar case as I blog, playing with a
retracting tape measure. I wonder how long that will keep him busy?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleepy time

Sleepy time
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Right before the MOA, and IKEA with my BFF and her energetic 3 yo.

Rhubarb pie

Rhubarb pie
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It is really hard to type rhurabgtr rhubard rhubarb right. What is the
origin of that word? I may have to wiki it some day...

Cast iron skillet cobbler

Cast iron skillet cobbler
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There are 2 pans I loved- both cast iron. My blue Le Creuset small stock pot
pan, and the cast iron skillet.

Dinner at friends' house in Mpls

Dinner at friends' house in Mpls
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This is amazing- they made coconut covered fried shrimp from scratch, with
made from scratch peanut dipping sauce, coconut spoon bread, saffron rice,
and mango fruit salsa, I made 2 desserts. My first ever pie crust for a
strawberry rhubarb custard pie, and my first cobbler, peach and blueberry
(fruits from my in-laws in WI's nearby farmer's market).

The pie crust recipe- Mark Bittman, of course
Pie recipe- Joy of Rhurbarb (or something like that)
Cobbler- Eating Well magazine

I was inspired to make the pie from reading about pie and crust making on
another blog I read, First Position. A friend told me about it. The writer
has a little boy similar in age to Noah.

All turned out really well, and tasty.

Fun with the kiddie chairs

Fun with the kiddie chairs
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Climb in so I'm sitting backwards, somehow move my unwieldy long legs and
wide feet from under my tookus towards the ground. Dangle said wide feet and
swing them around just a bit. Slowly slide forward till wide
Newfoundland-style toddler feet touch floor. Repeat with a smile:)

Jewelry hanger

Jewelry hanger
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I bought this a few weeks ago in Mound, and their big festival of the Lakes.
We hung it up the other day- finally! They're made of copper wire, and have
a really nice sculptural meets function feel to them. A man was making and
selling these, at the same art and craft show that had Splatgirl. You will
remember her from the post with the pic of Noah in front of all the tasty
luscious brightly colored bags, dog collars, etc. Immediately I repopulated
it with my favorite jewelry- the first with necklaces, and bracelets, the
other with earrings. They really add a lot of texture to our nearly bare
bedroom walls. (We have a sarong wall hanging above the bed at the head
board area, and to the side we have 3 candle sconces draped with some chili
pepper lights. The other wall by the door has a square of "wall-magic" blue
paint, a remnant from the previous wall color I did upon moving in 6ish
years ago. )