Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FO= Liesl

FO= Liesl
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This is a great sweater, but I have to lengthen the sleeves. They keep
"growing" shorter the more I wear it. This happened with another sweater of
mine, a bulky green one. I am still counting it as a finished object, but
having to add it to the "fix/felt/block" list that I have going. I am
tightening up the neckband on my green tank, need to lengthen the Liesl's
sleeves, fix a hole in my Fuzzy feet slippers, complete the work on a red
re-purposed sweater, and need to block a Branching Out scarf. That's all on
that other list.

Yes, I am a list maker. They are the best way to get things done for me. I
wrote a list of everything that was unfinished, now all that remains in the
monkey sock, mancala, a dishcloth, owls2 sweater, embroider a face on
another Bunny Nugget, a 2nd leaf lace shawl, thrummed mittens, a crochet
bib, and the Wonderful Wallaby that I just cast on. I thought about being a
monogamous knitter, or at least striving for near knitting monogamy, but I
don't think it will happen.

I set up a new list of things that I wanted to finish before starting a new
project (but cheated with the Wallaby sweater for Noah).

I finished a drop stitch stole, that I started this past spring- after going
to the Chris Bylsma class at Three Kittens. And I am nearly done with the
2nd of the Monkey socks- I'm about to have a pair!

Then, I will have no socks on the needles. I am going to knit some for Noah
next out of this super fluffy yarn I bought at Northwind Book and Fiber when
I was there last.

Noah is climbing on DH's amp and guitar case as I blog, playing with a
retracting tape measure. I wonder how long that will keep him busy?


Anonymous said...

I love the color!! It matches my manicure in California sun-ripened raspberries! ~e

Corgimom said...

i might have to borrow that color, some time!