Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Open gym at church

Open gym at church
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This was Noah's second time in our church's gym. This was his response to
seeing kids playing with basketballs in the gym. It was a bit like a deer in
the headlights, just frozen. I love his posture, he's leaning in with rapt
attention, mesmerized by the shiny new floor, and sounds of balls being
dribbled and pounded into the wood floor.

I was volunteering later on, and missed seeing Noah wander back time and
time again to re-experience the gym. What was I doing? I was making cotton

It was tons of fun, and a bit messy. I wore an apron from home, but it was
my arms and hair that got the most messy. By the time I was done, about 2
hours later, my hair had a sticky cloud of sugar lightly crisped up. It was
really funny. I had never seen so many flavors. They had lemon (not a hit
with the kids), lime, silly nilly pink, and my favorite, green apple. I
would seriously consider a part time job at the state fair making cotton
candy now...

To Dh's horror, I offered some cotton candy to Noah. He refused to open his
mouth to taste it .

At the festivities, Art show in Mound

I wanted to buy EVERYTHING! I bought Genevieve a beautiful pink and orange
collar, but it's too wide for her neck. I'm going to exchange it for a
narrower one.

where o where o where is the memory card reader, baby?

I was over in Mound a few weeks back as I HAD to meet Splatgirl. She has an aqua kitchen filled with IKEA, like me, likes to cook, loves bright colors and sews the most amazing, stylish bags/dog collars/MOO pockets/etc. Rewind a few weeks before that, and she'd posted that she'd be at the Art Fest on Lake Minnetonka. So I had to put it on my calendar.

Did I know where Mound was? NO, no matter. Google maps led the way.

I took a pic of Noah in front of her tastyliscious display- and promise to post it when the card reader appears. He unplugged it under DH's watch- and went off with it somewhere. I don't blame him, it's cool and blinks blue.

Well, I was over on SplatGirl Creates, and she had sampled my fav. waffle recipe to compare with her fav waffle recipe, from the Joy of Cooking. Both recipes use yeast, her's uses a half a packet, the Mark Bittman "How to Cook Everything" book uses the whole packet. Both waffles are super yummy.

A few weekends ago I surprised DH with the Joy of Cooking waffles, insisting that we had to try them, since Splat Girls said they were the best. They were quite good, but the waffle rivalry lives on. And now I hear my tummy rumble...

Sunday, I made another new recipe. We'd had amazing ricotta pancakes while in Australia 6 yrs. ago on our honeymoon, and tried to duplicate them with mixed results. I'd intended to make them the other day, but stumbled on yet another new pancake recipe using sour cream and cream cheese. We were 1 egg short for the recipe, but I gave it a go anyway. So I used the 2 eggs, and goofed up after separating them, I added the whites to the rest of the mix. I tried to salvage the problem by pouring them off into another bowl and trying to whip them anyway. They never got stiff, but the pancakes were still the best I'd ever tasted. So moist and creamy, I think I've become a pancake snob...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

sticky rice in mn

I posted here again. It's been a few years, but there is new stuff here now!
sticky rice


Genevieve goes to the vet

Genevieve goes to the vet
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Just for her "annual" this time, no triple chocolate cookie overdoses or
torn ACL's. Noah grabbed her leash to walk her around the room.

He is mimicing all kinds of sounds and actions. He's really close to
figuring out how to turn our automatic trash can on when we try to keep him
from playing with it. He really likes to help me turn the lights on and off,
puts lids on and off jars, and he climbed over a big 10inch high wooden box.
I grabbed him right before he got to the other side of it, but both his feet
were standing on the box lid. Little monkey.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i have mommy brain!

Help, my child took all my memory!

I didn't realize till now that I had already posted the knit items that are done. Ooops!

I also couldn't remember what I had done with my keys while I was sitting in the car after returning from baby story time. Once I had used the spare key I found my usual keys in the right place, where I always store them when I'm not out and about.

Apparently I need to drink coffee more often, because it always makes my brain feel on. Perhaps we should add daily coffee to our budget?

Doo doo doo doo do doooo!

Doo doo doo doo do doooo!
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Who can resist "making an announcement" as one of my friend calls it when
the tp roll is empty! Surely not Noah, and he mimics my mouth shape as he
holds the tube squarely up to my mouth. Yes, it cracks me up when he does

Love this craxy funky vest

Love this craxy funky vest
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One time I misptyped crazy to have an "X" in it instead of the "z". I liked
it that way better, and decided that if something is extra crazy I would
spell it with an "x" instead.

Longer in time for a colder? Winter

I had extra yarn in the same colorway from a felted bag, so I added it to my
quintessential winter scarf. I like the new part better than the old parts.

Don't make decisions about ripping out your knitting late at night

This is the second time I have knit these socks. The first time they were
too big, but I wore them a lot anyway. They were my first socks. I have
enough sock yarn to knit up lots of socks, and yet I chose to rip back to
the gussets and re-knit them from that point on on smaller needles. Good
news is that the first one is done again, and the second is a few inches
from the toe decrease. Then I will have a new pair of socks!

Felted fish all knit up

Felted fish all knit up
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I need to stuff him and help him see still. But the knitting parts of him
are done.

3:1 rib socks for mom's b-day in December

Either they are done really late, or really early in time for her birthday.
If you are a knitter I'm sure you know the true answer.

Baby fern stitch dishcloth

Baby fern stitch dishcloth
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I could tell that I am a better knitter than I was when I started this.
Back then I kept getting the pattern messed up, and nearly ripped out the
whole thing. Now, it's done. It's just one of my many UFO=FO's as of

A pic where Noah looks a lot like my bro when he was little

Knitting Liesl and a little confession about me

Out of yummy geranio colored merino Malabrigo

This is the first time I have knit with this stuff. I can't believe I waited
so long. It's all because of my fine chocolate mentality. I can't eat/use
the luxurious fibers that I've bought because then they will be gone. So,
with certain hard to obtain or premium food or candy or whatnot, I often end
up throwing the last little bit away- since I've waited too long to eat it
and it goes bad in the meantime.

I've tried to get better about this, and actually started eating some of my
newer candy/chocolate first, rather than "saving it till later."

I have tried to apply the same principle to my yarn. I admit to having a lot
of yarn, be it acrylic, wool, sock yarn, and even hand-painted $$$ sock

I tried to knit with my newer purchases first, then use the older stuff
later. For some reason it helps me use more of my yarn stash, and that
includes "old" yarn. With chocolate I've done the same, and have opened new
(thanks for the Scharfenberger goods Dan! I heart them) chocolate and even
eaten some of it.

Like my chocolate and fine yarns approach is my "garage sale" approach. If I
go to a sale I look for the best thing/bargain there. Rather than evaluate
that thing against all the other things in my life/home I feel compelled to
buy it. This is the reason why I try to stay away from garage sales. I need
to learn to see the big picture, not just the shiny needle in the haystack
of junk.

If I would only shop my own stash, I could save so much money. But where's
the buying rush in that?!

How do other knitters and crafters approach their stash? Does it work for

Pretending to be a dog

Pretending to be a dog
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yarn bought at Pine Needles, Cable, WI

I think it's so great that a town named Cable has a yarn store. Noah played
with the contents of my purse while I shopped and my MIL supervised him. I
was in such a knitting zone that I managed to leave all the items that she
handed to me, like stitch markers, cash and coins, lotion, and teething meds
at the yarn store. Oops. Fortunately I phoned the store and they sent all my
stuff back to me. It took 2 days to get here. Sweet!

Gypsy vest

Gypsy vest
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Yarn: Berocco Foliage
Used 5 skeins

Had to go to 3 Kittens NeedleArts four times to learn how to do crochet
trim. I love it all though.

Baby fern stitch dishcloth

Baby fern stitch dishcloth
Originally uploaded by CorgiMom.

Lace close-up

Lace close-up
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Liesl sweater in Malabrigo

Liesl sweater in Malabrigo
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Yummy merino yarn. I have yet to do the sleeves.

Noro scarf

Noro scarf
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I had some leftover yarn from a felted bag, so I added it to my scarf I wear
in the winter. It turned out to be my favorite part in the scarf color

Baby's sick

Baby's sick
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But he was getting better at this point. For nearly a day he had his tongue
hanging out like a dog. I was starting to wonder if we'd have to teach him
how to be a boy instead of a dog like Genevieve. He also crawls and shakes
his head and body like she does.

He loves remotes

He loves remotes
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And cell phones, cameras, and laptops. And any of my knitting "chokables"
like stitch markers, cable needles, etc.

Back to normal Chippy

Back to normal Chippy
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Last week was a rough one for us. Out of nowhere Noah spiked a high temp and
no other symptoms.

We drove to the ER in the middle of Tuesday night, but he'd fallen asleep by
the time we arrived. DH sat in the car with him while I inquired as to
whether or not I should wake him and bring him in. The girl at the counter
said "I can't decide that for you" - no help at all. So we went to my
parents' house where DH slept in the car in the garage overnight while Noah
got some rest. I went inside to a bed, since DH decided that he could sleep
better in the car than I. My parents were in the middle of getting all new
carpet throughout the house so the bathroom next to me was full of furniture
and thus unusable. There were no extra pillows either, they were in the
bottom of the bathtub, stored away. I couldn't shut the bedroom door since
there was a big piece of carpet blocking the door from closing. I hoped the
carpet installers couldn't see me since I had forgotten my pj's in the
middle of the night ER trip. It was quite the night.

Noah had been very clingy that morning, and I chalked it up to teething and
getting molars. He continued to be extremely fussy, and only I could console
him by holding him. So we went to the DR.'s by our house. We were told it
could be roseola if he gets a rash after the fever leaves and to just keep
at eye on him, and give him baby tylenol to lower his fever. Afte the Dr's I
had to go back to my parents' house, since I had left my purse there in all
the hurry.

At my parents' house I planned to shower there while my mom watched him. It
took me three tries to "detach" myself from his little needy arms and place
him in my mom's. He kept fussing when I tried to hand him off to her,
despite my efforts. Finally, I did manage to get him mostly asleep, enough
to break free.

The other day I told him that he would like me better when I like myself
better by being clean. Instead he cried while I took a shower.

All that to say, that it seems like Chippy has nearly fully recovered from
whatever he had. He never got a full rash, just a few hints of a rash on a
few parts of his body. I don't know what that means, but I do hope and pray
that he stays well for awhile while DH and I try to make up for the three
nights of lost sleep.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Thank you!!!!

Thank you!!!!
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Noah's birthday party yielded 63 food items for the local food shelf.
Hooray! Thanks to all who gifted "him" with food.

A more skilled walker

A more skilled walker
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Blowing kisses

Blowing kisses
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If we smack our lips, often he will kiss back.

Fun 4th

Fun 4th
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We had a great time hanging out with lots of family all weekend long.

This is a pic of the fun we had with paper towel tubes. I put it up to my
lips and sang doo doo doo doo dooo! And he smiled and laughed. Then, he
would hold it back up to my lips to get me to do it again. While he
concentrated to line it up with my mouth he would mimic my facial expression
of pursed lips. His look of concentration was hilarious with his little
lips- and I would burst out laughing instead of singing doo dooo dooo dooo-
it was really cute. This is my best attempt at catching it in action.

While that was a highlight of the weekend, we also saw a black bear in my
parents' backyard of the cabin, and 2 mother deer and 3 fawns.

We had a lot of fresh air, but no sunburns. And way too much food!

Cindy from knitting came over, after driving the half hour from her cabin,
and we had snb on the deck outside. 'Twas really nice.

I did so much knitting this weekend including finishing the fish's knitting,
my purple vest, and almost finishing my mom's socks. I am trying hard to not
cast on anything new until I get more of my UFO's done. I haven't set a
specific goal of how many to get done first, but I know the first next thing
I will cast on. It will be Noah's owl vest.