Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to normal Chippy

Back to normal Chippy
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Last week was a rough one for us. Out of nowhere Noah spiked a high temp and
no other symptoms.

We drove to the ER in the middle of Tuesday night, but he'd fallen asleep by
the time we arrived. DH sat in the car with him while I inquired as to
whether or not I should wake him and bring him in. The girl at the counter
said "I can't decide that for you" - no help at all. So we went to my
parents' house where DH slept in the car in the garage overnight while Noah
got some rest. I went inside to a bed, since DH decided that he could sleep
better in the car than I. My parents were in the middle of getting all new
carpet throughout the house so the bathroom next to me was full of furniture
and thus unusable. There were no extra pillows either, they were in the
bottom of the bathtub, stored away. I couldn't shut the bedroom door since
there was a big piece of carpet blocking the door from closing. I hoped the
carpet installers couldn't see me since I had forgotten my pj's in the
middle of the night ER trip. It was quite the night.

Noah had been very clingy that morning, and I chalked it up to teething and
getting molars. He continued to be extremely fussy, and only I could console
him by holding him. So we went to the DR.'s by our house. We were told it
could be roseola if he gets a rash after the fever leaves and to just keep
at eye on him, and give him baby tylenol to lower his fever. Afte the Dr's I
had to go back to my parents' house, since I had left my purse there in all
the hurry.

At my parents' house I planned to shower there while my mom watched him. It
took me three tries to "detach" myself from his little needy arms and place
him in my mom's. He kept fussing when I tried to hand him off to her,
despite my efforts. Finally, I did manage to get him mostly asleep, enough
to break free.

The other day I told him that he would like me better when I like myself
better by being clean. Instead he cried while I took a shower.

All that to say, that it seems like Chippy has nearly fully recovered from
whatever he had. He never got a full rash, just a few hints of a rash on a
few parts of his body. I don't know what that means, but I do hope and pray
that he stays well for awhile while DH and I try to make up for the three
nights of lost sleep.

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