Tuesday, August 31, 2004

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Felting fuzzy feet knit along

Chele a SnB buddy and I am beginning a knit along. It's where knitters all make the same thing at the same time so they can help each other if needed, or just show off their end results. If you would like to join, let my know, somehow. The pattern is free, it's here

I bought three colors of Cascade 220 yarn, hot pink, turquoise blue, and a bright minty green. So far the "sock" has a green cuffed top, and the heel is pink and green alternating. It's knitting up fast. There'll be pics of it tomorrow.

Educational recovery- Over-Yarn prevention

Requires a lot of relaxing, abstaining from reading virtually all books, and a great deal of creative activities. I have not completed the plaid pants yet, nor cut them out, but the mohair poncho is done. Today it is a shawl, tomorrow, or whenever I decide to add a seam it will become a poncho. It's quite warm, especially noteable on an 80 degree day like today.

I have a new Knitting theory to limit the amount of excess yarn purchases. It involves artful arrangement of all of one's yarn in the famed Stash- followed by an exclusive photo shoot- of the yarn. My theory is that by visually representing all the yarn including little remnants and odds and ends along with full skeins, I will be able to curb extraneous spending on the addictive and versatile fibers. I'll let you all know how it tests out, but first I have to go to Walgreens and have a pic printed. Then, when the urge strikes either before visiting a store, or during the shopping of said material I will whip out my picture and reassure myself that I am okay the way I am. I don't need more yarn, today at least. If the technique doesn't work- at least I will have spent the brainpower to try and save my money!

Also, I am now sharing my home with a computer hospital- definetely not the urgent care section- as we have 2 CPU's decorating our space. In addition to those, I will name our "study/office" the printer graveyard. Perhaps we should take a moment and say a few words about all the papers for school and Mapquest directions they lovingly printed for us while in their prime. Or, maybe not.

Tomorrow, it's back to class in the morning, and there I will present a case to my colleagues. It will be good to hear just what they have to say- and any survival tips too. Next week, part two of the exhausting last month's class will begin. I hope I am ready for it.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Intellectual hangover

Yes- an intellectual hangover

inability to function, low tolerance for additional noises- like barking Corgis, and inability to answer simple questions- because your brain has already been taxed past it's maximum

Duration: this time it could take up to a week to recover,
Common length of difficulty- about three days

Cause: far too much knowledge is thrown at a person in too short of a time for it to be absorbed

Frequency: I should have been ready, it happens every time I have Saturday class, but there is no way I could have prepared myself for this

Treatment: Re-engagement of the right side (the creative side) of the brain, to achieve a near balance with the prior left brain usage

Prevention: Take lots of breaks during lectures, learn as much of the material before you go to class so you can follow along with the prof, become brilliant

I wasn't sure I could do it, but I survived, barely, the most rigorous Grad school class I have taken thus far. It was rough. The prof was great, and really knew his stuff, but my brain got full really quickly. Just like the Far Side cartoon, where the student asks if he can be excused because his brain was full- I was that person.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

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I finished sewing- not knitting

a tank top of stretchy polyester roses and flowers. It feels really good, so good that I am just sitting here in it- basking in the goodness of completion. For those of you SnBers, I will try to wear it Tuesday, but we'll have to see.

It was supposed to be an easy pattern, and it would have been, but I had really high standards for it to be shapely- like a woman- not boxy, like well, a box. I also used a material different than the pattern's suggestions. It is now everything I dreamed it to be. All for under 10 dollars, with lots of hours of time put into it.

NO- please don't ask me to make YOU one!

The next sewing project is red plaid dress pants. The material is drying on the table now.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Craft night's tonight

I hope that I will be able to complete my handsewn quilt binding in the comforts of an air-conditioned multipurpose room at my church. I also hope that there will be other people to keep me company working on their crafts.

Can you believe that I used to scrapbook- but then I learned to knit...It's going to be like Christmas again when I open up my scrapbooking bag and realize all the goodies that it holds!

My husband and his Dad just went to an o so tasty restaurant- that I would recommend to anyone- called Mojito. It's in St. Louis Park and they have South American food, including the lime/mint drink call Mojito, and the yummiest thing I've ever eaten corn fritters. I sent him to buy me some of those, to put in the cooler. I will eat them when I get home from craft night!

My friend Leslie and I are going to SR Harris tomorrow for our first time. Road trip to designer fabric here we come. I will be selecting material for some pants that are work-appropriate, and some boxer shorts for DH- Troyboy. Then, I'm going to come home and put lil' smokies in our crockpot and go to a party! Sure beats next Saturday's plans of sitting in class all day learning about the Psychodynamics of Psychopathology Part One!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Why is it

That smokers have the energy to walk away from their desks to go outside and smoke- but they always block the doorway so there is no way to exit a building without entering their carcinogenic haze? Perhaps they should walk 15 additional feet from the door- to allow the allergic people to keep breathing as they come and go?!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Just finished writing 2 papers

And it feels really good, quite exhilarating,granted- it's a far better feeling not to have to write papers, but that's just my life for now. Plus, it feels like having completed a lengthy knitting project, which I have been doing lately. I made 2 hats yesterday. One is the SnB "Hot head" pattern with fun fur, and 3 colors of yarn- that's a charity hat for a refugee. The other is a Rowan pattern, using Biggy print, and a skein of similar but cheaper yarn, Caldo Print. There will be pictures soon- but it's too late at night for that now.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

To the St. Paul Farmer's Market

I am ready for my friend to come over to visit the Market. It's a wonderful place with handmade soap, field greens, organic pizza, buffalo meat, flowers, plants and every herb imaginable.

A group of my friends and I were talking about hairstyle and how it corresponds with "professsional" looking hair. My vote was that short hair seems to look more hip and polished, but some of them were saying that long hair can look the same way. I don't plan on cutting my hair anytime soon, but I did watch "The Bourne Supremacy" as I was told a woman had "professional long hair". I do agree that her hair looked quite nice. Now my question is did Julia Stiles knit her scarf for that movie? Doesn't she knit- I thought she did? And what kind of yarn did she use?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Spent the weekend in Kansas

And visited Lawrence, KS's Yarn Barn. My brother took DH- Troy and I on a wonderful whirlwind tour of the city. We saw art museums, went shopping, and ate KC, MO's BBQ- at Arthur Bryant's. We had pork and chicken and was it ever tasty!

I splurged and bought one skein of Rowan's biggy print in a really pretty shade of blues. I plan to make a hat with it for winter. It's hard to think about knitting hats and mittens when we are all walking arouund sticky with humidity in the dog days of summer- but now's the time to start. Plus- I have begun work on Christmas gifts- hand-made I might add. So far just the women in my life will be receiving my fanciful creations, and to date I have two projects completed.

On a side note, I just finished my first knitted hat. It went really well, and I really like the pattern on http://www.chicknits.com/h2ohatpattern.shtml. It's for a two hour hat. It really took me 5 minutes shy of two hours to knit- not including sewing up the seam. My finished project was so cute that I had to wear it- for just a little bit of time, around the house to show off my efforts. Let's just say that I will make that hat time and time again! Pictures will not be posted of this fun masterpeice due to the delicate content of ruining someone's Christmas surprise.

OOH- I wore my tank top- completed- to SnB tonight. It was quite exciting to finish a summer item while summer is still here! Also there I learned that one should not order a strawberry cream soda, as the acidity of the berries prohibits the drink from blending properly. It must be some crazy chemistry thing. Too bad I didn't pay more attention to those chemical reactions. That's ok, the lesson is that strawberry cream sodas don't work.