Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I'm a visual person

...You've probably noticed that I've added a lot of pics to my site. Sorry for those of you without DSL. You'll just have to decide if it's worth the wait to see them- and I hope it is!
I have to share my victory with you all. I just gave Buster a manicure/pedicure all by myself! So now his nails are all nice and short.
The other thing is that I have begun an old door collection (I have 2 now). I want to distress them and use them in some creative fashion, any ideas?
At my local Stitch and Bitch, another gal asked my why I like knitting. I had to think for a moment. Why do I like it? Well, I think it's 'cause I can blend my sewing skills with a new (uncharted territory for me) craft, and make things. I like to be industrious and learn new skills. Plus, I feel like I am contributing to my Grandmas who tried to teach me to knit at the early age of 5. It didn't click with me then, but now it does. I guess I just had to wait awhile. The next step I would like to take is to find a way for my knitting projects to be partially funded by our clothing budget. I think I'm still a ways off from that, but I can hope nonetheless.  I keep making wearable things- maybe someday I'll work it out.

Pitcher plants- in Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary, WI Posted by Hello

Thing I promised a pic of, to accompany pattern Posted by Hello

Dishcloth made while waiting for IKEA's grand opening Posted by Hello

"Iris", from Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Buster Posted by Hello
Even better than the rest of this blog (imnsho) is the artwork that inspired this title. It developed out of an art therapy activity while I was studying the topic in grad school. Can you imagine Knitting Corgis? How cool would that be?
Yippee! Acrylic yarn blocking has allowed me to lengthen my tank top- rather than leave it really wide! I am a fan of this blocking stuff! And the nice Yarnery lady- she is wiser than an owl who knits! I'd recommend her for any help needed along your knitting paths (if you live near St. Paul, MN).

Plus- I tried a garter stitch squares technique that allows one to knit in a square, and then add on with additional squares. It is too cool. Pics of this fun activity will follow- they are pending on DH's time to help with the pic program though!

I found this in "Knitting Shawls, Stoles and Scarves" by Nancy Wisemen. Great book, too.

Plus- I moved my chives. Don't ask how the relocation went- they just had to move, as a nasty root was hiding behind them. The root is so deep and strong that DH thinks we should electrocute it! Does that work all you organic gardeners? The root is still embedded, at this moment.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

First time blogger

I have been intrigued by all the knitting blogs- so I decided that I have enough to say- and will say it all here! I will admit my yarn weaknesses and knitting obsessions, and a whole lot more. Come back when there's more!

Currently I am knitting a Fresco Tank Top-with very berry yarn- it's being blocked right now. Finished item pictures will follow soon.

But for now- our lovely corgi will be featured. He's a rescued Pembroke Corgi from Chicago's Animal Shelter. Pictures of him will follow, too once my husband has figured out how to make that happen.