Sunday, October 31, 2004

Yesterday I met an inspiration

I was in the Yarnery on Grand, and not only did I run into the preschool teacher for stressed kids from Lifetrack Resources in St. Paul whom I volunteered with through Free Arts- she's really cool and has tons of skills working with those children- plus she wrote a wonderful book for stressed kids.-but I also ran into the host of this tv show or which we have a TIVO season's pass. I looked at her, and thought she really looks like...and then I had to ask her are you who I think you are? She was ultra-friendly, and I asked her if she'd made the beautiful evergreen, brick red, and other fall colors poncho that she was wearing. Indeed she had, while on an airplane. I'm glad they didn't take her knitting needles away!
I proceeded to tell her that I am making a sweater for my husband, and she told me about her first knitted sweater. She hadn't blocked it when it was done, so it fit all funny. Later in her life she learned about blocking, and she made it fit just right, so now she loves it! I really can't tell you how ecstatic I was to meet her- I just wanted to follow her around for all her fabulous gardening, decorating, cooking, and *now* knitting advice. I wanted to say, "will you come knit with me in my house?" Next to meeting Dr. Phil and Robin (which I will do someday!) she was *the* celebrity that totally inspires me!

Friday, October 29, 2004

73 degrees in October!?!

Yes, It is lovely outside. Why am in in here? To post a comic corgi photo, and much more.
The Mindy Smith show at the Fine Line in Mpls, was excellent, and her first sold out show. It was worth standing up for 4 hours, through Garrison Starr (I liked this band), and another band I didn't really like (unnamed), and then having scratchny throats from smoking exposure, and needing to take showers (we smelled like smoke) as soon as we got home.
This week I ate nearly a whole loaf of Vegie Bread from the Spooner, WI Bake Shoppe. I think Troy had 2-3 slices. I am looking forward to cooking with my sous chef husband tonight, and hopefully making a small Thai dinner on Monday night before seeing "I *Heart* Huckabees". I'm really anxious to see that movie with an Existential Detective, and all that. Plus, it's a double date with a talented musical couple, "Sam n' Nat". Do see their shows, they're quite good.
I also put together an assemblable "sideboard" as Elizabethan clarified for me. I thought it was a hutch, but hey, I guess it's a "sideboard". She is doing a wonderful updating treatment to a hutch (*not a sideboard) by painting the GoodWill find black. It has lovely details and trim, and maybe she'll let me put a pic of it up when it's done!

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Troy's sweater & my my Goodwill knock-off Posted by Hello

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Friday, October 22, 2004


The blogger program was being pokier than the Poky puppy, and there's a lot of ground to cover in the following post- so it's a long one.

Monday night I went on a double date to Linden Hill's Rice Paper Asian Fusion restaurant. Like the reviews stated, the tofu puffs are really good and tasty, as is the tamarind rice trio. And anywhere I can get Thai coffee- I do. It's sweet and yummy.
I've been a non-blogger as of late. That's due to the 2 papers I referenced in my last post. The were turned in this past Tuesday night, a day in advance of their due date. I'm so glad they're done. Then, I experienced the adrenaline fade-out, or more precisely stated, crash. Last night I succumbed to a nasty cold and fell asleep watching "The Prince and Me". With Julia Stiles and a prince. It was the typical chick flick.

Today I went on a coffeedate with my friend Leslie. We visited the Highland Park ultra-democratic Bean Factory. I drank a delightful mexican spiced mocha (Elizabethan you need to go there, preferably with me:)and inspired jealousy as a 5 year-old girl coveted my "Dr. Seuss" green/pink/blue felted slippers" and one mitten (see the pic on the blog). I was happy that her mother offered to teach her daughter to knit, and reassured her that she could get her own knitting needles. She seemed quite pleased at that prospect. OOH- I'm realizing how fun it is to write bloggy- not writing a paper. I have nothing about reading texts for class and researching, but when it comes time to write the papers and condense all the materials together I experience more pleasure washing the dishes than typing. I did decide that the end result of writing all these papers should be my focus- as I'd rather be a therapist who doesn't really write papers against his or her will than a professional hand-washer of dishes. Reassuring, eh?

Speaking of cats- while I was in the depths of writing a paper on Monday morning I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. It wasn't Buster. I looked out the window and the neighbor's cat was perched upon the tallest peak of their roof (their house is considerably lower than ours, but not one of those built-into-the ground types, it's normal) was their fluffy (or fat) black cat. It looked to be mocking Buster, as it was free outside, doing the cat-thing of whatever it wants, whenever it wants. I was also reassured of the safety of the local racoons, squirrels, etc. when I noticed they had a chimney cap- to keep the critters from moving into a smoky environment. Good animal safety practices are strongly endorsed by me. I even stop when squirrels get distracted mid-street to let them make up their minds about which side they want to be on.

Hey, does anyone want some kittens or one? My husband's parents noticed their cat Maynard had a hard belly. Soon there were kittens. Let me know if you want one. I want to be a copycat today. I am following chele's lead and doing listy stuff ( I really have been missing the blog thing!)

Here's the list: shortened a little, hers was too long for me to do-
First job: PetSmart cashier,floor sales, fish/bird section, and dog obedience instructor
First pet: Herman, the window-well toad in Lamberton, MN
First piercing: ears twice- once the hole closed up after a traumatic time of getting the earring back stuck in my ear, then re-pierced about 3 or 4 years later
First tattoo: uhuh- no way
First credit card: the Limited? I can't remember...
First kiss: at Northwestern College at someone's wedding, I think I was in 9th grade?

Last car ride: home from Borealis Yarn and the Bean Factory coffeehouse
Last book read: "Franny B. Kranny, There's a Bird in Your Hair" for kids, but highly recommended
Last movie watched: The Prince and I - last Friday night
Last movie watched in a theatre: Napoleon Dynamite - it was funny
Last beverage drank: Lemonade, preceded by a Mexican spiced mocha
Last food consumed: soft taco with marinated chicken, cheese, sour cream, rice, and tomatoes made in the microwave
Last phone call: work-related
Last time showered: at 8:50 this am
Last CD played: One Moment More, by Mindy Smith (we're going to see her at the Fine Line this Saturday)
Last website visited: (she started the list idea)

Single or Married: happily married
Gender: female
Birthday: December 22
Sign: I like the ones in Australia for wombat crossings
Hair color: brown/blondish
Eye color: navy/cobalyt blue (yes, it's natural)
Shoe size: 9
Height: 5' 10"
Wearing: boatneck Jones New York fuschia and orange stripes long sleeve tee, dark navy J Crew hipslung tall jeans, and tan socks with brown paw-prints on them
Thinking about: knitting Troy's sleeves, and needing to do work documentation, and how long it will take to post this with a poky blogger
Listening to: the PC's hard drive and monitor's buzzing

Monday, October 11, 2004

It's been awhile

since I posted, so I think I will, now.

Schipol, NL. Is that ski-pole? Or how is it pronounced? That's where my parents are flying in from tonight. I will miss SnB, but I have missed them for a few weeks now! We have been using their house to drop off Buster every now and then, I think he's quite confused about his "Grandma and Grandpa's" whereabouts.

OOH- Troy and I sang together yesterday. and it was fun. Tell him we should do that again;)

I should have listened, and believed everyone who told me that Group Psychotherapy class requires a lot of work. Now I have realized that this class is truely, a lot of work. Not to mention, (oops, I'm mentioning) that I need to write 2 papers within the next two weeks, and I still have to write a summary paper about my art therapy work with mothers and their children, and stressed preschoolers. I haven't written that one yet, though I finished all the other class work back in May or so. It just doesn't have a due date, so do I really have to do it?

I shared a communal turtle birthday sunday yesterday. It was colossally big and had lots of caramel and hot fudge, and whipped cream and cherries. Yum. Sorry to make ya'll hungry, don't drool on the keyboard. That Buster's job.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Today's prjoject

I knitted half a fuzzyfeet last night, and today it was walk the dog time in the am with DH, and I foud a heather gray long wool coat at a garage sale on the wlak for 4 dollars! Unbelievable. I do have to figure out how to lengthen the sleeves, though the wool fabric is in really good shape.

Then we worked on the landscaping project- I finished the mulching- I love cypress mulch for its texture and color, and we also did a small row of sunset stone alongside the house for its durability and contrast. Troy put up fence panel number one- and it looks lovely! Especially with the finished landscaping tasks.

At night we saw Lady with a Lapdog, a Guthrie Lab play adapted from Chekov's work by a similar title. I think he called it "Lady with a Little Dog". It was unusual in its portrayal involving 4 cast members in a rather narrative style combined with a lapsing in and out of the actual play characters. I was dissapointed that there was no white pomeranian- I should have lent them Buster and they could just paint him white and make him use his whiny voice. Yes- Buster has a whiny voice and a "big dog bark". Speaking of corgis, we want to add a baby girl corgi to our home. We think it would be a good pal for Buster, and they are so cute. Here's where we might get it.

new cedar gothic picket fence Posted by Hello

Friday, October 01, 2004

My first mitten Posted by Hello

in progress Posted by Hello

corgi life Posted by Hello

Drink coffee and knit day with Dr. Phil reruns

Well, that isn't how the whole day has been. I did do work till about 1pm- but now I have been knitting on my previously abandoned mitten. It is my first, and when I bound off the top part where the four fingers- minus the thumb goes the result was very rectangular. I thought I might just let it be- but then after a few weeks of letting it sit in various places throughout the house figured that I owed it to the mitten to have a nice shapely top. And indeed it does now that I have done a few things to it- mainly ripped back and did some decreases for the last row.

I haven't had my coffee yet though. I think I'll make it before watching another Dr. Phil episode, today's to be exact. I realized that it was 3:45- and that I could rewind the show back to the start- so now it is paused, waiting for me. I needed a break from the knitting, and thought it should be blogging time. I think I will go photograph my mitten in progress- and then post a pic of it when my coffee is brewing. I am very excited to have a big cup of coffee with my new flavored creamers- Caramel Vanilla Toffee, or Amaretto. I think I'll have two cups so I can have both and not have to choose. That'll be fine since my friend and I are have completed our fourth week of 5days a week walking for an hour or more each day. Yay!