Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Some free time= new shoes, knitting, and some other fun shopping

Today- after having been kicked on the butt by my Pilates class last night, and my sometimes more stressful than other days (yesterday being a sometimes day) I was able to do some fun stuff for me. Nevermind the fact that I have these "WOW- I am really becoming a therapist" (in a somewhat cheesy but practical way) days, today brought a few of above-mentioned moments which I will take a moment to share for you.

As I entered Brueggers I seemed to notice myself developing and using a mantra "focus on your breathing..breathe deeply, breathe slowly" the holistic therapy-ness of myself became more pronounced.

My newest technique of the day to use when the therapist isn't getting her questions answerered (which I take the non-immediate answering of my questions as either (a) being profund and thought-provoking, or (b) whoa! this girl (myself) can be confusing!!! So- the creative statement to address silence is - "if I could figure out what you are thinking and feeling by tapping into your brain- I would have to feed baby animals (because I wouldn't be a therapist).

So take it or leave it, something to think about sometime, or not.

But, the shoes. They are from the specialty shoe store and are awesome. They're the ones that are steel metallic (the fingernail image looks blue, but they are gray-black) I needed some awesome shoes to accompany my very low arch on my feet. I had been getting charlie horses and stiff calves that felt locked up. Then I realized that I sat with my calves flexed nearly all the time while sitting, and driving kept them flexed too. So I bought the shoes, and then had to go buy a pair of black alligator socks to go with them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


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This was delicious, it is shrimp "cooked" in lime juice. The acidity of

the lime cooks the shrimp without using any extra heat. It was really

good, and what I wouldn't give for some more of this right now...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

going to a conference in St. Cloud

For three days- 2 nights. I will be knitting my way through the seminars to be sure. Will it be Olympic knitting- I'm not sure. My project has been a mess- I have done lots of tinking, and am now to the part where it is joined in a circle- on the 16th row on size 4 needles- and it seems that I have a different amount of sts than the pattern says. At least I will be earning CEU's for my job while I knit. Mom, I might just get your socks done while I'm there.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

thanks weasel for taking half my knitting off the needles, I could have done that by myself.

too naughty for words

too naughty for words
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I can only say that I am glad I don't need these currently- they were

for DH's wool socks, Plymouth and Clover dpn's, size 8 and 6

Then I saw this

Then I saw this
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doesn't look that good, just wait for the rest...

the yarn that always is dog-tortured

Knitpicks Sierra in Grape

uh- this is not how I left my knitting bag last night

Yesterday I worked a LONG day- till 7:45, and was exhausted. I left my

knitting carefully zipped up, placed on the back of the couch against

the wall. When I finished my shower this was how the bag looked...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Yarn basket of lovely yummy yarns

DH in my first knit sweater, and the select few special yarns that will

inspire me to no end- tagliatellis, Florentina, Toscana, and Venezia,

Cherry Tree Hill Brights, and Country garden , Koigu (my first skein of

it!), Malabrigo, Jewel Blue and Geranio (my 2 birthday skeins I bought

for myself on my birthday), Bo-Peep! Corriedale (I know what that means

now!), and OnLine Supersocke 100 in Fun-Color