Wednesday, February 15, 2006

going to a conference in St. Cloud

For three days- 2 nights. I will be knitting my way through the seminars to be sure. Will it be Olympic knitting- I'm not sure. My project has been a mess- I have done lots of tinking, and am now to the part where it is joined in a circle- on the 16th row on size 4 needles- and it seems that I have a different amount of sts than the pattern says. At least I will be earning CEU's for my job while I knit. Mom, I might just get your socks done while I'm there.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm looking forward to wearing those pretty socks you are knitting for me! I have the perfect sweater to wear them with. Have fun at the conference-it sounds like it will be very productive-learning and knitting at the same time! Mom

beth said...

I hope you had fun at the conference....okay I hope you at least got plenty of knitting done:)