Saturday, June 24, 2006

back of the tank, it is growing quicker now

back of the tank, it is growing quicker now
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I had my supervision group- 4 hours of work and knitting time for me-
and completed 10 rows on this. I was sharing the time with 2 other
knitting projects, so they enjoyed their time too. I haven't messed up
on the lace pattern for since Tuesday. That is a big accomplishment for
me, especially since I had 2 mojitos last night at my friend's knitting
party. Somehow I managed to be a productive knitter, must have been
all that mojito goodness and plenty of sugar in a stimulating
environment. :)

It was a really great and fun time. The night grew out of a potential
planning meeting, turned party. Lisa is spear-heading a team of
knitters, hopefully, to join her in the Walk for the Cure. I plan to
join her in this, on July 21st. Let me know if any of you would like
to help contribute to this worthy cause.

We talked about everything, just because we could. I also learned about
wacky packs from her adorable kids. Lisa, did you know your son drank
his whole bottle of coke last night because he got carried away? He
told me himself. :) No wonder it sounded like there was a trampoline

The food was awesome, and the drinks a great compliment if I may say so
myself. I was using her KitchenAid blender, and I had a chiller and an
ice machine at my disposal for my drink-making process. I knew my mint
would wilt if I had harvested it prior to the party so I showed up at
her doorstep with a plastic terracotta colored mint plant. The whole
plant, dirt and all. I picked it fresh for the drinks. I had told Lisa
beforehand to buy lots of limes- she had this huge vase-like platter
full of limes, it was a beautiful sight. All that fun and I still
managed to be home by one, good considering I had to wake up at 6:45 am
this morning!

Kureyon 4 ft long I-cord, knit while in Supervision group

It kind of looks celtic and it kind of looks like intestines I think.

sock progress

sock progress
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The decrease rows are done, now I am just knitting to my toes. This is

the easy but kind of boring part. I have no idea what to bring to

France for my knitting. My booga bag will be done by then, I will be in

France from next Wednesday to July 16th- and I am having a hard time

deciding on how much knitting I will need. Socks are always a good

back-up, but I might need 2 projects for options. Any ideas? Sweaters

would take too much yarn and tools, I don't have any laceweight yarn

other than my Branching Out project, and I'm just not sure what to

bring. I might bring a baby sweater project with me though.

blue dots on orange

blue dots on orange
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Does this count for my Project Spectrum- with blue as the color of the

month? I made dots.

orange mohair baby sweater

orange mohair baby sweater
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I knit this on a whim, it was the only yarn I had enough of in my stash

to equal a clothing item. Now, that is no longer true to be sure- as

you'll note from my indulgent yarn purchases (each with a purpose, I

might add). This sweater was done and all the tails woven in but it had

some lag time as I had to decide if I wanted it to have buttons or

snaps. In the end I chose the snaps, big ones, which took me a long

time to sew on. Then, the snaps showed through the mohair, an effect

that was aesthetically unappealing. I tried to knit flowers to sew onto

the snap areas, but to not avail. My efforts did not produce anything

flower-like in nature. Then I thought, dots. I will knit dots. How, I'm

not sure, which led to trying to crochet dots with the Happy Hooker

book. These efforts did indeed yield a more palatable product- as a

result I am quite proud of my design solution and equally proud of the

seamless look acquired from sewing them on using the yarn tails and

sewing into just the outermost edge of the crochet v, in a most basic

way. Now if only the recipient is home tonight, I can deliver the

sweater with pride. The mom of this sweater gift had admired this

sweater for awhile, and really seemed to love it, so I hope she will

love it now, too.

Friday, June 23, 2006

My first boogabag

My first boogabag
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On June 8th I took my licensing exam for my profession. To mark this

milestone I decided it was time to knit this ultra popular felted bag.

I promptly went to "From the Heart" in Woodbury, as it was across the

street from the place I purchased my post-test lunch, which was

Bruegger's Herby Turkey sandwich and a caramel coffee cooler from

Caribou coffee. When I got there I was so excited! (this is starting to

sound like the intro to a story I wrote as a kid called 'My life as a

Dog' about my old dog Patches) There on the front door was a sign that

rang like music to an obsessed knitters' ears "SALE ALL Yarn 30%!!!!"

And the day grew a bit happier. Happier still was the following

Saturday, the last day of this oh so awesome yarn sale when I went a

little wild and purchased yarn for 2 more Noro/Cascade 220 cardigans

patterned off of my other one of the same yarn combinations.

Supposed to be the start of a koala tea cosy

But I think I ruined it by transposing it from dk weight yarn to

worsted weight, then guessing how that would affect the increases on

the pattern, and the row gauge. Ooops. It will be frogged soon, most

likely. You can google koala tea cosy for the pattern.

Completed tank front

Completed tank front
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start of tank back

start of tank back
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The saturday sale purchase

The saturday sale purchase
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Enough for 2 noro cardigans with cascade 220 for contrast color. I

couldn't decide between 2 colorways and needed 4 skeins of a particular

Noro Silk Garden colorway to make the selected sweater. So I bought

both colors I was pondering. When I got home I realized the 2 groupings

were actually the same color number, and the same dye lot. Can you see

the difference between the ones on the middle, and the ones on the

right side? I sure thought they were different.

Tonight's big purchases

Tonight's big purchases
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All yarns have plans for them. And I know all their plans. And I will

not disclose all the plans, so you will have to wait and see. I had

quite the yarn adrenaline rush after this purchase. I went to the "From

the Heart" girls night out and was elated to see that welcome sign

"Sale all yarn 30%" again, on the store's front door!!! How happy was I

carefully selecting my indulgent yarn purchases. After some fun

conversations with store personnel and other shoppers "What are you

Making?!" upon seeing my large armfuls of luscious rich fibers, I was

thrilled to find out that I had also won a prize in the drawing, a free

facial. It was a great night! Thanks Elzbieta and your mom, and

Elzbieta's baby for shopping with me.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

magic loop sock knitting

I have been talking with others about the magic loop sock knitting method. It really is magic because it means I won't be dropping stitches off of 4 dpn's at one time, I can just shove all the stitches to the middle of the two needles and they won't be moving around on me. Plus, you will never be one needle short as the circular needles have points on both ends. Here is a good link on the method.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pre-dinner designing in Austin, TX's Macaroni Grill

don't ask what kind of animal is by the pretty might be a

Texas Grilling, Mason Randall, the NEXT Food Network Star, or something prestigious like that

'm really not kidding here. This grillmaster has met the one and only
Emeril Lagasse in person, and gotten his approval for his cooking. Wish
him luck and buy his barbecue sauce, especially the Kansas one it's my
favorite. AHHHHHHH! Crap! there is something crawling around in my bra
as I sit here typing in a v-neck black tank. I screamed, Troy killed
the little spider bugger on my bra! There are spider guts on my
Victoria's Secret bra! Yuck get it off me now! If I have little spots
all over when I wake up I am blaming the spider. And maybe I will stay
home from work and knit all day...wishful thinking the knitting part
not the spider bite marks.

Ok, seriously, that just happened. I have now shed a layer if you get
what I mean. I was out gardening today as I took the BIG TEST this
morning/afternoon. It is done, the books are going to get dusty I hope
really dusty. I don't find out my score till 6 or so weeks, but I think
it went pretty well.

There are so many things I can do now, now that I am not studying for a
big test. Paint the remaining interior walls of our Crayola house,
garden, knit, Knit my first Booga bag, scrapbook, etc. Today I gardened
and did lots of weeding and pruned our shrub roses and willow bushes.
They all look nice and re-structured- to use a therapy term.

I have to give a big shout out to the lady at the testing center who
let me eat her home-made trail mix when I was hungry during my test- at
approximately 1:20pm. She was a staff member there, and I needed some
food, thanks lady :)

Austin Texas' yarn store on the funky SoCo district

Short for South Congress Street. Rachel Ray (I want to be her) went to
Austin, Tx on a recent Tasty Travels episode on last Wednesday night. I
recognized places on the show, like Blackmail and the Vivid color store
connected to it. Rachel were we in Austin at the same time?!?!?! And
nobody let me know!

Mike, this one's for you

Mike, this one's for you
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a vintagey outdoor diner on SoCo, in Austin, TX

Hmm...I'm needing a little therapy...

Boutiquey clothes, and lush chocolates, anything better? Any window
offices available for me?

Flowers at the wedding, of DH's cousin

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The beautiful cake

The beautiful cake
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And the other chocolate Kahlua cake

Armadillo bussing anyone?

Armadillo bussing anyone?
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Making history rockstar style at the Blanton Art Museum's grand opening

We waited in line an hour to get into this big festivity. The art
museum had a 24 hour grand opening party. Check out that giant flower
arrangement to the right of the stage

hooray for sales at Target

hooray for sales at Target
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New plate and bowl, with pad thai noodle garnish on bowl edge, tulips
in background.

the Jaywalkers, completed, finally.

The idea of the pattern wasn't too hard, but the actual work of it
proved itself challenging. Such that this was almost abandoned
following the completion of sock 1. That would have been the first
knitting project I've ever abandoned. But I stuck it out.

Mini sweater with mini hanger

Mini sweater with mini hanger
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Iowa Sunset from an XB window

Iowa Sunset from an XB window
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Saucy tank in progress

Saucy tank in progress
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I'm making this tank, and I love this perfume, Thanks designer Gayle Bunn for the pretty tank and cardigan

One down, more to go

One down, more to go
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Saturday, June 10, 2006

oriental cabbage slaw

I promised this recipe once upon a time, a long time ago, and I made it again tonight so here it is.

Oriental Cabbage Slaw

1 pkg shredded coleslaw cabbage 16 oz.
4 oz. toasted almonds
1 pkg Oriental flavor ramen noodles uncooked (break up the noodles with your hands while in their little baggie)
1/2 cup peanut oil
1 1/2 tablespoons of sugar, white

Blend oil, sugar, and oriental ramen noodle seasoning pack (included with noodle pack) in a blender, pour over coleslaw cabbage, and uncooked ramen noodles, toss all together with almonds. Chill about 30 min. then serve. Feeds a lot of people.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The chocolate tasting...our dessert selection- yes- all this came together

chocolate pot de creme, truffle with raspberry sauce, ice cream

sandwich, and chocolate marshmallows

Thursday, June 08, 2006

pretty dining

pretty dining
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best ever crabcake

best ever crabcake
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full of tender crab...mmm...I don't know how the chef got it to stick

together because it was practically pure crab

another chef freebie, mint and lychee foam

It was really good, like fruity candy but frothy

DH's food

DH's food
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My food was sole fish with potato rosti, and a shellfish ragu, DH had a

steak thing with polenta and queso fresco and some fun sauces

another fun thing, crostini something, with raw fish on top?

uber modern and swanky

uber modern and swanky
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With clean and beautiful bathrooms, Elzbieta this one's for you

Raspberry mojito

Raspberry mojito
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This was my drink of choice the night before my big test. DH suggested

we got to Cosmos after I had told him about it, along with the

disclaimer of its priciness. I wanted a relaxing night pre-test, and

that is exactly what I experienced, along with tantalizing tastes and

visual appeal.

pistachio truffles, another rich indulgent chef's treat


The Narnia-esque "visual divider" between the restaurant entrance and the bar/lounge