Saturday, June 24, 2006

orange mohair baby sweater

orange mohair baby sweater
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I knit this on a whim, it was the only yarn I had enough of in my stash

to equal a clothing item. Now, that is no longer true to be sure- as

you'll note from my indulgent yarn purchases (each with a purpose, I

might add). This sweater was done and all the tails woven in but it had

some lag time as I had to decide if I wanted it to have buttons or

snaps. In the end I chose the snaps, big ones, which took me a long

time to sew on. Then, the snaps showed through the mohair, an effect

that was aesthetically unappealing. I tried to knit flowers to sew onto

the snap areas, but to not avail. My efforts did not produce anything

flower-like in nature. Then I thought, dots. I will knit dots. How, I'm

not sure, which led to trying to crochet dots with the Happy Hooker

book. These efforts did indeed yield a more palatable product- as a

result I am quite proud of my design solution and equally proud of the

seamless look acquired from sewing them on using the yarn tails and

sewing into just the outermost edge of the crochet v, in a most basic

way. Now if only the recipient is home tonight, I can deliver the

sweater with pride. The mom of this sweater gift had admired this

sweater for awhile, and really seemed to love it, so I hope she will

love it now, too.

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