Thursday, June 15, 2006

Texas Grilling, Mason Randall, the NEXT Food Network Star, or something prestigious like that

'm really not kidding here. This grillmaster has met the one and only
Emeril Lagasse in person, and gotten his approval for his cooking. Wish
him luck and buy his barbecue sauce, especially the Kansas one it's my
favorite. AHHHHHHH! Crap! there is something crawling around in my bra
as I sit here typing in a v-neck black tank. I screamed, Troy killed
the little spider bugger on my bra! There are spider guts on my
Victoria's Secret bra! Yuck get it off me now! If I have little spots
all over when I wake up I am blaming the spider. And maybe I will stay
home from work and knit all day...wishful thinking the knitting part
not the spider bite marks.

Ok, seriously, that just happened. I have now shed a layer if you get
what I mean. I was out gardening today as I took the BIG TEST this
morning/afternoon. It is done, the books are going to get dusty I hope
really dusty. I don't find out my score till 6 or so weeks, but I think
it went pretty well.

There are so many things I can do now, now that I am not studying for a
big test. Paint the remaining interior walls of our Crayola house,
garden, knit, Knit my first Booga bag, scrapbook, etc. Today I gardened
and did lots of weeding and pruned our shrub roses and willow bushes.
They all look nice and re-structured- to use a therapy term.

I have to give a big shout out to the lady at the testing center who
let me eat her home-made trail mix when I was hungry during my test- at
approximately 1:20pm. She was a staff member there, and I needed some
food, thanks lady :)

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