Saturday, June 24, 2006

back of the tank, it is growing quicker now

back of the tank, it is growing quicker now
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I had my supervision group- 4 hours of work and knitting time for me-
and completed 10 rows on this. I was sharing the time with 2 other
knitting projects, so they enjoyed their time too. I haven't messed up
on the lace pattern for since Tuesday. That is a big accomplishment for
me, especially since I had 2 mojitos last night at my friend's knitting
party. Somehow I managed to be a productive knitter, must have been
all that mojito goodness and plenty of sugar in a stimulating
environment. :)

It was a really great and fun time. The night grew out of a potential
planning meeting, turned party. Lisa is spear-heading a team of
knitters, hopefully, to join her in the Walk for the Cure. I plan to
join her in this, on July 21st. Let me know if any of you would like
to help contribute to this worthy cause.

We talked about everything, just because we could. I also learned about
wacky packs from her adorable kids. Lisa, did you know your son drank
his whole bottle of coke last night because he got carried away? He
told me himself. :) No wonder it sounded like there was a trampoline

The food was awesome, and the drinks a great compliment if I may say so
myself. I was using her KitchenAid blender, and I had a chiller and an
ice machine at my disposal for my drink-making process. I knew my mint
would wilt if I had harvested it prior to the party so I showed up at
her doorstep with a plastic terracotta colored mint plant. The whole
plant, dirt and all. I picked it fresh for the drinks. I had told Lisa
beforehand to buy lots of limes- she had this huge vase-like platter
full of limes, it was a beautiful sight. All that fun and I still
managed to be home by one, good considering I had to wake up at 6:45 am
this morning!

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- LisaD. said...

Yes, it was a great time. Thanks for making those marvelous Mojitos! I've still got limes aplenty......but the mint plant is a little sparse.