Saturday, March 07, 2015

Penzeys' and Pi Day

This is more of a pre-post than a post, but since there's been a great span of inactivity and there will now be some fresh text here, it's going to count as a post!

My Penzeys catalog arrived and I looked at it right away and enjoyed the Pi Day article. I have a knitting friend from long ago who regularly celebrates this great event with a big party.

 Some background, "Pi day" is on March 14th, but this year the date will be 3/14/15, so for you math people (I'm not one, I just like an occasion to celebrate occasions) that's it's an extra special Pi Day.

My goal is to see how many forms of pie we can eat in one day- starting from the breakfast hour through the day's meals and maybe even snacks. I may include trying to see how many things can be cooked in a pie pan...Our church cookbook has an onion pie I've made, that might get selected, we'll see.  This link is not the one, but it's an example. And I'd think quiche counts as pie...There's also a coconut pie in the current Penzey's catalog that looked intriguing and I can share the leftovers with coconut lovers...and my husband mentioned trying to make a banana cream pie...I'd better get planning. I will photograph the foods and post pics as it unfolds.