Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas, from our house to yours

Last night we decorated our Charlie Brown tree. I realized its really
hard to get ribbons to look just right on a sparsely branched tree. We
bought it all bundled up at Menards. I have been a lot less picky about
some things like trees, while pregnant. Usually I would look them all
over and pick. This year I looked around and said, Hmm, let's get that
one, and get out of here, and be done shopping! Merry Kitschmas.

Hot Chocolate and Brioche donuts at Hot Chocolate Restaurant, Bucktown, Damen St. Chicago


"The bean" in Millenium park, Chicago


opening scene in the coral reef

opening scene in the coral reef
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sorry its blurry.

up close texture shot

up close texture shot
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Thursday night, 15 weeks 6 days

Thursday night, 15 weeks 6 days
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Thanks BFF for the fabulous skirt and sweater for my Christmas present!
I love it and am wearing it now on my real birthday.

Today's my b-day!

And baby is officially 15 weeks on the dot. Week 16 starts today. Last week DH planned me a special b-day getaway- he put it on my pda a few months ago so I wouldn't schedule any appts. on that Friday. I only knew we were going on a plane, then driving somewhere, and the temp would be the same there as here.
I fantasized about what we were doing, and then I firmly decided that we were going to stay in a Motel 6 in Hopkins and see a High School play. I had to tell myself something. Even though I was pretty sure the plan would be grander than that I didn't want my imagination to run away from me, as it is prone to do.
Well, we woke up at 5am Friday to fly to Chicago. There DH had his first intro to the Windy City, and to Giordano's stuffed pizza. MMM. We ended up winging the day's other activities and stumbled upon a "Crocheted Coral Reef" exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center. We also ended up in Bucktown at night, at Hot Chocolate and ate warm Brioche donuts with hot chocolate sauce, and I drank a Mexican cocoa with yummy homeade marshmallows. I had wanted to go to Bucktown for a few years since the Keyboard Biologist had blogged about it's trendy boutiques. We found a trendy boutique and I had to buy 2 little books for our baby, "Urban Babies Wear Black" (don't worry I am not about to have a goth baby that wears skull clothes- nasty) but baby's mommy may be found pushing the jogging stroller with a latte in its cupholder. The other book was "Mommy Loves". It has all kinds of baby animals with their mommies as well as the proper names for all the animal kin. Like baby hedgehogs are called hoglets.
The next day we drove to Cincinnati, OH to see our fave band, Over the Rhine do their big annual Christmas show. This had been a dream I had to see it one day- and then we did. DH did an awesome job orchestrating the whole plan in secret, and it was a wonderful memorable birthday event.
Today, weather permitting, as I typically say on my birthday, we will go out to eat with my fam, and my bro is flying in at this moment from D.C. I usually pick a trendy Mpls restaurant with lots of atmosphere (like Zelo, last year) but this year I chose Fasika in St. Paul. Supposedly it has good food, with no atmosphere. I want to eat beef wat! I also have to get to Caribou for my free b-day drink, and to Borealis for some yarn for an heirloom baby sweater. I was going to knit it out of washable acrylic, but the thought of it, and the feel of it in my hands was enough to make me cringe. So I think I will be returning it to the store soon. Yarn snob? Yes I am.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Side profile

Side profile
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Been busy and tired

Been busy and tired
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So, this is what I've been up to. Sleeping for 12 hours a night,
resting lots in between. Other than that, I haven't been up to too
much. Just letting the baby do what the baby wants to do. Today I had a
fun day of shopping for maternity clothes and a stroller with my mother
in law, and my pregnant sister in law, who is due in February. I found
a pair of brown dress pants, and this dress/shirt, and five or so other
shirts, and a puffer vest with faux fur trim at Gap. I am due in June.
Can you believe I am at the start of 14 weeks-? I showing yet?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

going crazy!

So, today I drove for a LONG TIME in the snow. I was driving a drive that should have taken 30-45 min. on a good day, 1 hour on a snowy day. Instead it took a maddening 3 hours!!!
Yes, it is past 7pm and I haven't had dinner yet. I had some yummy fudge for the third time today, but not dinner. Seems our little grocery store doesn't have Buitoni tortellini- they have some pasta kitchen kind. It had better be good is all I can say.

Three hours! At what point am I permitted to completely lose my cool? Because watchout, I am far past my boiling point.

My solace is- that soon- within a month and a half I will no longer being trampling all over the cities and 'burbs- since I am opening my own practice. And baby, it's time!