Tuesday, December 04, 2007

going crazy!

So, today I drove for a LONG TIME in the snow. I was driving a drive that should have taken 30-45 min. on a good day, 1 hour on a snowy day. Instead it took a maddening 3 hours!!!
Yes, it is past 7pm and I haven't had dinner yet. I had some yummy fudge for the third time today, but not dinner. Seems our little grocery store doesn't have Buitoni tortellini- they have some pasta kitchen kind. It had better be good is all I can say.

Three hours! At what point am I permitted to completely lose my cool? Because watchout, I am far past my boiling point.

My solace is- that soon- within a month and a half I will no longer being trampling all over the cities and 'burbs- since I am opening my own practice. And baby, it's time!

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