Saturday, February 26, 2005

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Home from class, early!

Our instructor was Adlerian and offered us a choice. (It's a main technique to avoid power struggles with kids or others, and it just seems so democratic. ) These were the 2 options. "Do you want to take a break and do another case study and then go home?" or "Do you want to do one more case study and then go home?" I seriously (sort of) asked, "did I just hear you ask us if we wanted to do one more case study...and then do home?" Wow. So here I am. Yippee. I don't even know what to do with myself as this surely didn't happen last weekend. So I thought I would do the trendy blog thing. Well, I'll do a few bloggy things.

The first: I was watching the news today and the news anchor asked the weather man if he had a blog. The weather man said "no" and asked the news anchor if he had a blog. He didn't. Together the news anchor and weather man determined that they were "nobodys" since they lacked a blog. The news anchor did admit to having his own webpage, though.

Did you know that bloggers were named the "People of the Year"! Let's hear it for blogs!

And, I had to keep up with this, the big blog trend. Every now and then these things float around, and I think they are loads better than forwards, 'cause at least these are personal.
So, to steal/borrow from a blog with a corgi here we go.

1. How much space is left on your TiVo or Comcast box?

TIVO! We love TIVO! There's hardly any space. Yesterday I spent a day frantically trying to watch everything and get caught up so my husband can do surgery on our TIVO to make it bigger!

2. Have you ever bought a DVD of a TV series and, if so, which one?

Never. Why would I do that? I watch 'em once, and I'm done.

3. What was the last TV show you watched before reading this message?

Dr. Phil of course. It was his very alarming show on sexual predators. Yikes. Sobering stuff, but at least he is trying to help the family and the perpetrator. There was even a polygraph involved. That didn't go too well for the one in the hot seat.

4. List five TV shows you won't miss...

30 min Meals with Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, Rebecca's Garden, Lilo and Stitch, and Kim Possible

5. Name three people -- pass the stick.

The "torch" will go to any of my friends with blogs. Time to 'fess up you bloggers!

I think I'll go cast on for the front of my purple sweater, or start reading one of my new books, or work on my waterfall scarf, or go eat dulce de leche or creme brulee Haagen Dazs. Did you know those flavors existed!?

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Colinette Tagliatelli, in fire, and fresco- scarf Posted by Hello

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NO my paper is not done yet!

To all those of you who ask, this is the answer. Have you ever done a research paper with 10 long heavy articles and and had to write 20-25 pages on it! Granted, I do have 21 pages written, so I am on "the home stretch" as a friend pointed out to me. I have two more sections to write entitled, "Knowledge gaps in previous research" and "directions for future research", then to complete my intro, write a conclusion, and the abstract. None of those lat three parts should be too hard. I am just nervous that I will start getting really anxious with everything I have to do , just like last Friday. That was not a good day, and it led me into Saturday, also a spazzy day.
We are planning a puppy visiting trip a couple weeks away, since my paper will be done on its due date of this coming monday.

I am really excited that my favorite radio station is "back". Earlier, years ago, it was under the auspices of REV 105. Now I feel like a part of me is back with MPR's The Current. We are going to become Founding Members, and I would challenge those of you who believe in diverse varieties of music to do the same. It's perfect music to do anything to, write a paper, knit, clean the house, everything.

Yesterday I finished my sleeves, again. I had them done on Wed. night- but they were way too long this time. Now with some fancy moves aka doubled up decreases, they are just right. Of course I cheated on my sweater project and indulged in some Colinette fresco drop-stitch scarf knitting. LUSCIOUS is all I can say. And also that my friend says the colors and the drop stitches remind her of waterfalls. I think I'll have to stay away from it for a bit today if I expect to get my 10 puppets made for a kindergarten class. I have to buy cardstock at our new huge walmart, and gauze and band-aids and "dress up" my puppets to look like lepers. I'll post a pic when they're done.

Some of our friends who visited this past weekend are thinking of moving here. Here is what I have to say to that "We'll hook you up, we have a wonderful realtor, and yes, there is everything under the sun to do in our two big cities!!!!!" Oh, and we could actually have the talks that we missed out on while I was getting further educated and further cultivate our long distance friendship. So there you go. Have a good weekend, regardless of whether you have class (like me) again or not. I'll try not to be jealous of those with "real weekends", but I won't promise anything.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Well, all the possibilities of doing fun things, along with the rewards that I am giving myself once the paper is done- go out to Cafe Brenda with Rebbekka, visit our puppy, work on other knitting projects, including buying some new sock needles for my pretty sock yarn, well, all that should motivate me. We'll see. The problem is that I have class this Friday and Saturday again, and then the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Just reading that list is exhausting. I can't even fathom where my mind will be when all that is over!

I have a theory that the experience of all the left-brained lecture leaves me unbalanced. I am a very visual person that needs to stimulate the right side of my brain for continued harmonious functioning. That's where the knitting comes in. I sometimes think that I use it more as a survival tactic- quick restoration of the cranial equilibrium- than for creative endeavors. I think it appeals to my multi-tasking nature by allowing me to "get something done" or make something practical while getting a second bonus of a free time activity.

The next thing I will do today will be to plan the rest of my class schedule. I know there is at least one in May, and that doesn't including the two more classes coming up this weekend and the next. I did learn that I will never allow overnight visitors or other visitors to come to my house on weekends that I have class. It is just torture to know that I need to be responsible and go to class while there are guests in my home. C'mon, can't I stay home and play?

Friday, February 18, 2005

Another big weekend

Last night we had a Pampered Chef party and spent all day working on the kitchen trying to get things back in their new places, and off the kitchen and dining room tables. That just barely happened, and now today I need to get my "real" work done, more paper writing, and attend class from 6-10pm. Yikes! Plus, four friends that we very rarely see are coming to spend the weekend with us. All I can say is that there are weekends when I don't have class- like all the earlier weekends in February, but this weekend it's class Friday,Saturday, and Sunday. Imagine the injustice in all that. So there's a lot going on. It might be a good day for a Caribou drink today, tomorrow, and the next day.

In my creative life (less academic) I was thrilled to meet with a very smart knitting lady at the SnB in Eden Prairie. I think she knows everything about knitting and she helpd me demystify my sleeves. The picture below is the fixed version of them, which is highly motivating to work on and tempting to want to complete now, not later.

The kitchen is (mostly) done, and has already been used! Posted by Hello

And the best part about having our kitchen (mostly) finished... Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 17, 2005 that we have our dining room (and living room) back! Posted by Hello

Sleeves! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Keep on keepin' on

Well, it was a long night. Meleah slaved away upstairs on her research paper, and I tackled the kitchen. The first task was easy - oil up our nice long Varde countertop. No sweat. The second task was similarly easy - put up the doors on the cabinets.

But wait, maybe it's not so simple. Since the cabinets are up against the ceiling, the doors cannot raise as far as they would otherwise, which means they can't go up high enough to get those blasted hydraulic lift thingies on there - and believe me, I tried. For like, a half hour. Finally I gave up and just moved them down a notch, so the door only opens to about a 75 degree angle instead of 110 or so for the ones below. No big.

Lastly was the pantry. That was kinda tricky, as it involved templates and drilling and hoping that things lined up. They did! And it looks way cool. And we've already got a bunch of food in there, and it's so easy to get to. Yay.

Now we're off to bed.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

And this is how the other side looks Posted by Hello

At this moment our kitchen looks like this... Posted by Hello

The chair is now beautiful! Posted by Hello

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Mathematical corgi

I just got this link from a fellow blog reader about a corgi with a business card. He helped solve calculus! Think "A Beautiful Mind" with the pigeon scene.

The blog writing has been pretty light, I have had to redirect all my energy and focus toward writing a research paper that is due on the 28th. I am plodding along, it does seem like great big chunks of time are the best to help make the kind of progress that I need. I am doing a paper like a literature review surveying 10 empirical articles that discuss parenting from the perspective of various cultures such as Mexican, Swedish, Dutch, African specifically Kenyan, New Zealanders, Irish, and Caucasian U.S. people. Don't we have a cool name too? I used to call us Americans but we live in the U.S. not just in N or S America.

Well, I would like to know all the tips that people have for writing research papers as painlessly as possible. Our prof was very good and helpful, and I communicate with her via e-mail with my specific questions. And a big thanks to Kelly for doing some research on the use of the initial "R." following a researcher's last name so my reference section could be as culturally sensitive and correct as possible.

OOh, today my Lincoln Rocker is getting delivered around noon. Check back later for the Rocker-redo photos that are sure to follow.

And I will put up some more kitchen photos. I promise.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

The north side begins to take shape... Posted by Hello

A tired Corgi is a happy Corgi - we took advantage of the beautiful weather and took Buster to the dog park. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 07, 2005

Kitchen and puppy update

The faucet, sink, disposal, and dishwasher are all working. A big thanks to Troy's Dad, Mom and Troy for all the work they did here to help make our kitchen wonderful! We are now working on tidying up the house. I am quite pleased with my new kitchen.

Saturday night I got an e-mail saying that corgi puppies were born a week ago Saturday. So, we drove down to Windom last night to hold these tiny little things and select one. There were 5 puppies in the litter 1 male, and 5 females. Two had naturally bobbed tails, and the other two had tails. We wanted one with a tail so we were able to bring our choices down to those two pups. All the dogs were cuddly and trying to burrow into my coat for warmth. Their eyes were still closed and their ears were starting to open. They were adorable. We ended up picking a pup that had just an itty bitty tip of white on her tail. These are the pictures of her curled up on her back in my hand, and Troy's hand.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Puppy Posted by Hello

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

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