Thursday, February 03, 2005

IKEA click floor, "tundra" name Posted by Hello


William Frantz said...

There's a seam that runs across 3 planks in the lower right corner of the picture. What is that? Do the boards come 3 planks wide or something? I assumed they were individual planks.

How do you like the stuff. I'm thinking about buying about 1000 sq ft of it.

Corgimom said...

The best way to do the floor is to have the kit that is made for the installation. That pic depicts the time when we didn't have the kit yet and were just trying to put it together with a board and a hammer. That's not reccommended. Get the kit and the work will go fast!
Yes, the planks are individuals. We love our new floor! It brightens up the kitchen, looks seamless now that it's installed properly, and completes the kitchen's redo.