Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mathematical corgi

I just got this link from a fellow blog reader about a corgi with a business card. He helped solve calculus! Think "A Beautiful Mind" with the pigeon scene.

The blog writing has been pretty light, I have had to redirect all my energy and focus toward writing a research paper that is due on the 28th. I am plodding along, it does seem like great big chunks of time are the best to help make the kind of progress that I need. I am doing a paper like a literature review surveying 10 empirical articles that discuss parenting from the perspective of various cultures such as Mexican, Swedish, Dutch, African specifically Kenyan, New Zealanders, Irish, and Caucasian U.S. people. Don't we have a cool name too? I used to call us Americans but we live in the U.S. not just in N or S America.

Well, I would like to know all the tips that people have for writing research papers as painlessly as possible. Our prof was very good and helpful, and I communicate with her via e-mail with my specific questions. And a big thanks to Kelly for doing some research on the use of the initial "R." following a researcher's last name so my reference section could be as culturally sensitive and correct as possible.

OOh, today my Lincoln Rocker is getting delivered around noon. Check back later for the Rocker-redo photos that are sure to follow.

And I will put up some more kitchen photos. I promise.

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