Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I built pantry #1 & Wanted: painting/priming help

all by myself. I had started it the night before after knitting, and I finished it last night. Whew! What a monster! It is now upright gracing our entry way with one drawer of 5 in it. Troy's cereal is in the pantry. It's the first item to enter it.
Now, I just finished doing a coat of tinted primer on the new wall. It looks wonderful.
Aslo now, I am trying to eat CamRan bay leftovers in front of the PC while the primer dries and until I have to leave the house to bring my mom to a pre-op physical. She biffed it on the ice on Saturday and the Dr.'s seemed to be playing a slow game of tag as they shared the x-rays with Eagan and Woodbury dr.'s. Now, all of a sudden they realized that she did indeed break some bones in her foot, and suddenly everything is urgent and she has to have surgery to have a pin and stuff put in.
I was praying for our meal (as I got to eat with my whole family including my brother) in the middle of the day for lunch and prayed that Mom's foot wasn't really broken, but that it just hurt for now but it would go away. Oops- I meant the pain and swelling go away, not her whole foot!

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