Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Well, all the possibilities of doing fun things, along with the rewards that I am giving myself once the paper is done- go out to Cafe Brenda with Rebbekka, visit our puppy, work on other knitting projects, including buying some new sock needles for my pretty sock yarn, well, all that should motivate me. We'll see. The problem is that I have class this Friday and Saturday again, and then the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Just reading that list is exhausting. I can't even fathom where my mind will be when all that is over!

I have a theory that the experience of all the left-brained lecture leaves me unbalanced. I am a very visual person that needs to stimulate the right side of my brain for continued harmonious functioning. That's where the knitting comes in. I sometimes think that I use it more as a survival tactic- quick restoration of the cranial equilibrium- than for creative endeavors. I think it appeals to my multi-tasking nature by allowing me to "get something done" or make something practical while getting a second bonus of a free time activity.

The next thing I will do today will be to plan the rest of my class schedule. I know there is at least one in May, and that doesn't including the two more classes coming up this weekend and the next. I did learn that I will never allow overnight visitors or other visitors to come to my house on weekends that I have class. It is just torture to know that I need to be responsible and go to class while there are guests in my home. C'mon, can't I stay home and play?

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