Friday, February 25, 2005

NO my paper is not done yet!

To all those of you who ask, this is the answer. Have you ever done a research paper with 10 long heavy articles and and had to write 20-25 pages on it! Granted, I do have 21 pages written, so I am on "the home stretch" as a friend pointed out to me. I have two more sections to write entitled, "Knowledge gaps in previous research" and "directions for future research", then to complete my intro, write a conclusion, and the abstract. None of those lat three parts should be too hard. I am just nervous that I will start getting really anxious with everything I have to do , just like last Friday. That was not a good day, and it led me into Saturday, also a spazzy day.
We are planning a puppy visiting trip a couple weeks away, since my paper will be done on its due date of this coming monday.

I am really excited that my favorite radio station is "back". Earlier, years ago, it was under the auspices of REV 105. Now I feel like a part of me is back with MPR's The Current. We are going to become Founding Members, and I would challenge those of you who believe in diverse varieties of music to do the same. It's perfect music to do anything to, write a paper, knit, clean the house, everything.

Yesterday I finished my sleeves, again. I had them done on Wed. night- but they were way too long this time. Now with some fancy moves aka doubled up decreases, they are just right. Of course I cheated on my sweater project and indulged in some Colinette fresco drop-stitch scarf knitting. LUSCIOUS is all I can say. And also that my friend says the colors and the drop stitches remind her of waterfalls. I think I'll have to stay away from it for a bit today if I expect to get my 10 puppets made for a kindergarten class. I have to buy cardstock at our new huge walmart, and gauze and band-aids and "dress up" my puppets to look like lepers. I'll post a pic when they're done.

Some of our friends who visited this past weekend are thinking of moving here. Here is what I have to say to that "We'll hook you up, we have a wonderful realtor, and yes, there is everything under the sun to do in our two big cities!!!!!" Oh, and we could actually have the talks that we missed out on while I was getting further educated and further cultivate our long distance friendship. So there you go. Have a good weekend, regardless of whether you have class (like me) again or not. I'll try not to be jealous of those with "real weekends", but I won't promise anything.

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