Monday, February 07, 2005

Kitchen and puppy update

The faucet, sink, disposal, and dishwasher are all working. A big thanks to Troy's Dad, Mom and Troy for all the work they did here to help make our kitchen wonderful! We are now working on tidying up the house. I am quite pleased with my new kitchen.

Saturday night I got an e-mail saying that corgi puppies were born a week ago Saturday. So, we drove down to Windom last night to hold these tiny little things and select one. There were 5 puppies in the litter 1 male, and 5 females. Two had naturally bobbed tails, and the other two had tails. We wanted one with a tail so we were able to bring our choices down to those two pups. All the dogs were cuddly and trying to burrow into my coat for warmth. Their eyes were still closed and their ears were starting to open. They were adorable. We ended up picking a pup that had just an itty bitty tip of white on her tail. These are the pictures of her curled up on her back in my hand, and Troy's hand.

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CorgiDad said...

Well, they're all working *now*. The dishwasher wasn't draining initially, and then after I took out the disposal to knock out the drain plug, I apparently tightened it too much when I put it back in and the disposal came loose (and then stuck) when Meleah was using it yesterday. So last night I fixed that, and now everything appears to be in working order. Now for the other half of the kitchen!