Thursday, February 03, 2005

visual overload

I'm sorry to those of you with computers that are slow in loading pics, but all I have been doing lately has been picture worthy stuff. Last night Elzbieta saved me from my painting nightmare. The painting was going well, but I had primed nearly two walls, part of the ceiling, and then I was working on painting the ceiling all by myself...until she came over. Thankyou! She helped me finish the ceiling, indulge in a much needed Caribou drink boost, and then primed a big wall all by herself.

Then, she went home and Troy and I painted the first coat for all frou walls. It looked marvelous already! Today we picked up our countertop from Hastings, dropped off my Lincoln Rocker (like I knew what kind of chair it was until the upholstery person told me!), then my Adler/knitting friend came and helped with the second coat of Ralph Lauren Cascade. Whew!

Later that same day, Troy and I finished some paint touch-ups, and went to eat a much deserved tasty dinner at the Olive Garden. Wow. Salad, breadsticks, stuffed shells with ricotta, spinach and shrimp, and chicken with sundried tomatos, pancetta and a creamy yet reddish sauce. Yummo.

We knew we needed to eat lots-we'd worked really hard! and we needed the energy to tackle the floor. As we struggled through the floor without directions on what we were doing, we came upon the third box of flooring. This one held the elusive directions. Suddenly, we were told how to do what we were trying to do. Voila! Troy was getting annoyed with the whole process so I had to try extra hard to lighten the mood and keep him thinking positive thoughts. Now we are at a stopping point of sorts (it's late) and it is time to try our chocolate lasagna. Yes, that is really what it is called.

Best wishes to Mommy who endured foot surgery on her fractured foot bones (tarsals?) this evening. Let her know you are thinking of her! :) She really likes tulips (we're Dutch you know).

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