Monday, May 29, 2006

sleeping in

We slept in today- till about 10 am. It was wonderful. I have to study for my upcoming test today, and in searching for a good place to go came across this study of best places. It has all sorts of "bests", including best cities for sleeping. Minneapolis, MN made the top of the list. Check it out here.

I am continuing to work on my orange and cream and brown socks. I finished the first sock while at the conference in Chicago, IL. I am past my favorite part of the sock, the turn heel on the second sock.

I have been fighting with my digital camera and its batteries. They (the batteries) are draining their energy quite quickly- and at a more rapid speed than usual. Whenever I turn my camera on the low battery light is quick to begin flashing.

DH and I went on a great date the night my flight from IL came. We ate Afghani food at Khyber Pass, and followed it up with a new place on Grand Ave, the Italian Ice Cafe. That place was really great because I love Italian ice. We had caramel custard and sour apple Italian ice in a gelati. It was a little like eating an extra indulgent caramel apple, frozen style. We plan to go back to this little place tonight as its irresistable.

The staff was made up of a 20's something couple, and Bruiser, their bulldog-like big dog who was quite friendly. The couple was very friendly and we talked about movies with them. The cafe was adorable, vibrantly painted with a whimsical feel. My kind of place to be sure. There was a light with a cartoonish cloud motif, and DH professed to enjoying reading the comics on the bathroom walls. I plan to bring my camera tonight- with freshly charged batteries.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Go Saint Paul Saints, and Borealis Yarns

For hosting Sip, Knit and Pitch, or whatever they called the knitting night at the Saints game. Let me tell ya, it's fun to knit on a Trekking XXL sock that is orange and cream stripey, and watch the ballgame entertainment that is unique to the Saints game. There was a contest to see who could knit the fastest, and a leafblower contest, and a freaky fan human trick contest. I was one of three contestants in the freaky fan contest. I demonstrated how I could touch my elbows together in front of my body in a backwards way. I was up against an eyelid flipper, and a double jointed fingers person. And, I won!!!

Yay mom and dad for supplying the winning deoxyribonucleic acid of which I am formed! I knew my biology background would come in handy sometime. I won 6 tickets to the X men three preview, and three t-shirts, a poster, and a sticker for the movie. The shirts say "Proud to be a Mutant" (I'm wearing it now), and 2 that say "Why Try to Fit in When you were born to stand out."

There was one injustice of the evening- missing the yarn swap and missing the free ball of yarn for the first 500 knitters- due to DH's delayed flight mishaps. Oh well. It was a great night all in all. And now (in 10 minutes, or whenever I finish my quickie post) we are driving to Kansas, a 7 hour drive to Bonner Springs to go to my brother's college KU graduation ceremonies weekend. The first and most significant event there begins at 8:30am, and we will be in a hotel 45 minutes away from it. Fun times.

DH is back after his weeklong "excursion" for work to CO. It is great to be able to share a bed again, I haven't slept with him since Sunday morning!

Pics to follow.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

really good news!

No. I am not pregnant you silly gooses for thinking that.

Lisa- my wonderful, sweet, funny to no-end, I can talk about anything with her friend DOES NOT HAVE CANCER!!!

I am OH SO happy for her and her family, and myself too, because I didn't want to have to be sad for her anymore. She is now a cancer survivor, as the DR.'s got to it in time, and got it out of her body. Talk about an answer to a prayer request. PTL! Praise the Lord ya'll!

You can read the saga, and now happy news on her blog.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Happy anniversary to us!

Today Dh and I are three. We will be celebrating taking off work early and visiting the new Walker art museum, the Como zoo conservatory, having dinner, and whatever else we can find to do.

I did finish the Jaywalkers- finally. I made a zillion mess-ups on them, which I ripped out, and reknit. I like the first one I knit better- it tapered with my leg using decreases, and the smaller size pattern. I knit that on size 2 needles. The second sock I knit 1/3 of with size 2's, and the rest with size 1's. That one I did not taper and knit the larger sock size on the pattern.

I started another sock, with Trekking XXl, it is orange and yellow-gold. I was first using a lacey top pattern, and then lost momentum on it, and couldn't regain the lace stitches when I tried to rip out the gauge swatch on it following the lace pattern. I have since settled on a 3/1 rib. I want a mindless sock now- no more fretting!