Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Happy anniversary to us!

Today Dh and I are three. We will be celebrating taking off work early and visiting the new Walker art museum, the Como zoo conservatory, having dinner, and whatever else we can find to do.

I did finish the Jaywalkers- finally. I made a zillion mess-ups on them, which I ripped out, and reknit. I like the first one I knit better- it tapered with my leg using decreases, and the smaller size pattern. I knit that on size 2 needles. The second sock I knit 1/3 of with size 2's, and the rest with size 1's. That one I did not taper and knit the larger sock size on the pattern.

I started another sock, with Trekking XXl, it is orange and yellow-gold. I was first using a lacey top pattern, and then lost momentum on it, and couldn't regain the lace stitches when I tried to rip out the gauge swatch on it following the lace pattern. I have since settled on a 3/1 rib. I want a mindless sock now- no more fretting!

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beth said...

Happy Anniversary Corgi Mom & Dad!