Thursday, May 11, 2006

really good news!

No. I am not pregnant you silly gooses for thinking that.

Lisa- my wonderful, sweet, funny to no-end, I can talk about anything with her friend DOES NOT HAVE CANCER!!!

I am OH SO happy for her and her family, and myself too, because I didn't want to have to be sad for her anymore. She is now a cancer survivor, as the DR.'s got to it in time, and got it out of her body. Talk about an answer to a prayer request. PTL! Praise the Lord ya'll!

You can read the saga, and now happy news on her blog.


Rebecca said...

That is such good news! Praise the Lord, He is so good!

- LisaD. said... are absolute sunshine! Thank you for the lovely words and post about me. Thank you for sharing in my happiness. What a gift of a friend you are!