Friday, May 19, 2006

Go Saint Paul Saints, and Borealis Yarns

For hosting Sip, Knit and Pitch, or whatever they called the knitting night at the Saints game. Let me tell ya, it's fun to knit on a Trekking XXL sock that is orange and cream stripey, and watch the ballgame entertainment that is unique to the Saints game. There was a contest to see who could knit the fastest, and a leafblower contest, and a freaky fan human trick contest. I was one of three contestants in the freaky fan contest. I demonstrated how I could touch my elbows together in front of my body in a backwards way. I was up against an eyelid flipper, and a double jointed fingers person. And, I won!!!

Yay mom and dad for supplying the winning deoxyribonucleic acid of which I am formed! I knew my biology background would come in handy sometime. I won 6 tickets to the X men three preview, and three t-shirts, a poster, and a sticker for the movie. The shirts say "Proud to be a Mutant" (I'm wearing it now), and 2 that say "Why Try to Fit in When you were born to stand out."

There was one injustice of the evening- missing the yarn swap and missing the free ball of yarn for the first 500 knitters- due to DH's delayed flight mishaps. Oh well. It was a great night all in all. And now (in 10 minutes, or whenever I finish my quickie post) we are driving to Kansas, a 7 hour drive to Bonner Springs to go to my brother's college KU graduation ceremonies weekend. The first and most significant event there begins at 8:30am, and we will be in a hotel 45 minutes away from it. Fun times.

DH is back after his weeklong "excursion" for work to CO. It is great to be able to share a bed again, I haven't slept with him since Sunday morning!

Pics to follow.


renee said...

Congrats on winning - I tried to cheer as loud as I could! That elbow thing is really freaky, though.

- LisaD. said...

Really now, Meleah, it isn't necessary to post pictures of you sharing your bed with your hubby again after all this time. *wink*

Anyway, you are obviously talented with the knitting, but who knew you were freakishly gifted too. Whoa pony! This I gotta see.

Carrie said...

As you walked up for the contest, I was drooling over your yarn. What's the color number?

I cheered nice & loud for you! Way to go!