Sunday, July 30, 2006

tank is done!

I finished the bind off for the top and the straps today. Just have to weave in the tails. There are a few less tails than some of my other sweater projects, so that is reassuring.

A friend suggested weaving ribbon through some of the yarn over eyelet holes. I thought I was going to have to wear something under this, but it didn't look took risque when I tried it on its own. I could do some strategically placed ribbons, and it could be just right.

It fits well, so that is great, I just have to weave in the tails...what a drag...

Friday, July 28, 2006

les blogging desire

I am such a visual person, that the loss of my digital camera to the French countryside has left me relatively uninspired in blogland.

But I have been up to knitting- I am working on the finishing on my green lace tank, I cast on for the first tank top strap today, and completed the pick up and knits for both armbands. I also did something a bit crazy in knitting land, but I will leave that a surprise for now.

At the Relay for life, Brenda was kind enough to bestow her crocheting wisdom on me in the form of teaching me how to crochet flowers. When you have a teacher by your side it is a snap to learn! And I also started learning some granny square crochet, but didn't quite get it.

Tomorrow morning I have a work-related meeting from 8-12, I can endure it with some Starbucks and knitting though, so it won't be as drag-on as it could be.

I plan to do some mystery swatching there, too.

Have I mentioned I'm excited that I passed my big test?!?!?! Well, it is true! So have a mojito for me and celebrate!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Back in the country

I did not have time to post on my blog before I left- so I kind of just disappeared- virtually- I was in France on a mission service trip working at an English camp for French kids. It was great- more on it later.

While in France I went to Phildar! and got some of their aviso yarn. I also did some great shopping, with their 2 times a year sales going on. I finished the back of my tank, lots my camera in a small village 2 days before the Tour de France was coming to that same village, and tonight am participating in the Relay for Life, with a fellow blogging friend and other knitters for the Cure, the Cure-rageous knitters. Consider making a donation to support this worthy cause, just go to the link above. I plan to be there tonight, walking, and knitting. But not taking pictures, because my digital camera is in France, or somewhere like that by now.

Also- big news- I passed my big scary test- which means I am closer to my license in Marriage and Family therapy. I will be a licensed associate marriage and family therapist once I get my paperwork in!