Monday, December 27, 2004

oh-just one more!

I took the plunge (again) and ordered yarn. I will be receiving my 8 skeins of Noro Kujaku yarn from the boxing day sale. Here it is. It is because of me that colorway 18 is out of stock! Thanks to a tip from a favorite knitting friend-who I owe most of my skills to- well, at least the learning part!

One more post today...

I have been putting this off for a little while, I didn't want to get in a nasty mood after blogging about it, but I saw the Lemony Snicket movie, "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Ick. It made me crabby afterwards. I couldn't believe the adejective selected for the title was "unfortunate". Unfortunate is when they run out of red berry smoothie mix at your favorite coffeehouse. Or when they don't have hummus on the day that you came to eat the hummus sandwich. Or it sprinkles outside on a day that you forgot your umbrella.

In contrast, the events depicted in the movie would led me to switch "unfortunate" with malicious, shockingly horrific, or some other more suitable word. In all actuality, I told my husband who kindly listens to my psychological rants and raves, that this movie title experienced some cognitive reframing.

This is a technique where a thing that is seemingly negative may be ascribed a word that lessens its negativity. Here's an example, a child may appear to be out of control or hyperactive. Cognitive reframing or restructuring can be used to lessen the assumed negativity or stigma of such a title by stating that the child is simply "dramatic". In the situation of this movie, it appeared to me as though the "unfortunate events" were reframed from what would otherwise be highly traumatic experiences. This I believe was an attempt create a more palatable title for the average moviegoer. But alas, this movie was not for me. My husband stated following the flick, "I have never seen anyone with as much empathy for the characters in a moive than you". I decided to take that as a compliment- and as a warning- to watch out for what I see as my empathy continues in life and as I subject myself to the silver screen.

A Fabulous b-day, Christmas, and sweater time!

As you can see in the pic, I had a lovely B-day. I woke on Wed. planning to work on Troy's sweater, some work documentation, and other in-progress Christmas gifts. I noticed a sunnyness in the room, and the time on my cell/alarm clock! Troy- you are going ot be late for work! You'd better jump in the shower! Nonchalantly he left the room briefly, returning to crawl back into bed...and tell me that he took the day off for my birthday!!!

Sweet, I thought. Oops- that means I won't get my stuff done. OH- I wasn't supposed to get my stuff done on my birthday!

We visited Brueggers- herby turkey for me- and petmsmart with Buster to do his Christmas shopping. C'mon, when your dog's this cute, how could you not shop for him?!

We did all this while listening to my new car cd player/radio. My last one had long since gotten stuck on one radio station. It seemed like one day I entered my car and all the buttons but two ceased to function. I resolved myself to only listening to cds (in the order of the tracks mind you), and decided to deal with it like an adult. But was I ever surprised when I entered Electra - my Neon- and noticed a change in my car. The spot where the cd face went didn't look quite the same. That's 'cause it wasn't. And was I ever excited about that!

Fast forward through my b-day- my husband surprised me when his arm looped through mine led me to a super chic blue/silver/modern/and...Aveda salon spa, where I was to "endure" an hour-long massage. I eagerly signed my life away, as well as the hour that was blissful and made me look dreamy to the skilled massage therapist named Emily. I would reccomend her, she was really good. Deep massage, yet I didn't bruise this time. Plus, there's that yummy Aveda tea with the natural sweetener in it.

Later- when my flowers- Thanks Mom and Dad! came, I delighted in their gerbera daisy, iris, and lily beauty. This day commenced with a tasty but chilly dinner at Christos in St. Paul- 60 degrees or less (I saw the thermometer on my way out). And of course, time to eat Coldstone Creamery ice cream cake and open more gifts. What a treat- the whole day was wonderful! Thanks everyone who helped make it extra special!

Surprise! Hour long massage at uber chic Details Salon Spa, downtown St. Paul- love the butter yellow walls and cobalt blue lucite chairs!  Posted by Hello

I was so excited to give this to Troy!  Posted by Hello

Proscuitto chips with fried artichoke and caramelized onions, BBQ quesadillas with tropical fruit salsa, ciabatta bread with red pepper aioli, salmon mousse, basil poached shrimp, and a little smokie Posted by Hello

IKEA's kitchen- our inspiration-and soon to be ours Posted by Hello

Buster unwrapped Posted by Hello

Troy's sweater- my first Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

It's my Birthday!

Veintecinco! Troy surprised me by taking the day off! So far we are going to eat bagels with cream cheese at Bruegger's and bring Buster to PetSmart to do his Christmas shopping. Troy says he will forget by tomorrow what we bought him and it can be a big Buster surprise for him! OH- and Legacy chocolates to get a fresh Christmas present for someone. MMMM.

On the sweater front- it has been blocked, and I finished the neckband yesterday. Now I have to sew up the shoulders, sides, and sleeves seams- and voila- "Instant" sweater. :)

Have a great day everyone- I know I will!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Weaving tails and iceyness

Today- since I have gotten all of my homework (that is due tonight) done, I will have a day of weaving tails. I really dread this part of knitting, having to sit and weave in all the stray bits of yarn from when I started my knitting project, added another strand of yarn, and finished the project. Fortunately, I finished one scarf on Friday night, another on Sunday night, and I have since then woven in those tails. For the Christmas record, I still have 2 more knitted things in progress, and Troy's sweater- also in progress.

I slept in today, and my husband was still here when I woke up. Evidently we had experienced a nasty sleety freezing rain storm overnight- and everything was coated with a thick layer of ice. The ice layer caused my husband to leave later for work- but now he is there safe and sound. I am hoping the ice is melted or minimized before I go to my last day of class for the month tonight. If not, I just might not be there. I might be (to borrow and credit my friend Leslie for her term) snugly nestled in a "Creative Cocoon". Hmmm...I could handle that. I sometimes have so much creativity that I think I might burst!

Well, it is time for me to get back to my work and reading for school. I am about to make an artistic poster that says my motto, "If you can dream it, you can acheive it". Then I will send a picture of it to my new favorite Adler instructor Wes Wingett- just in time for the due date of today.

Ciao, and Happy holidays everybody!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Someone has been a very, very good boy this year...

You know you're super special if you are the recipient of my first sweater. (That's you Troy.)

Yesterday was my tentative goal date to finish the doing the knitting part of Troy's (DH's) sweater. I didn't quite make it, but that's okay 'cause I'm on the home stretch. I did just have to take a knitting break due to a sense of over-elation at the progress progresses. It was time for a Kodak (well, more accurately Fuji FinePix) moment, as I just finished the neckband part on the left side. I have the right side to go, and then the collar, then all the knitting stuff will be done. It will be time for blocking, seaming, and the dreaded task of weaving in the tails..
I could hardly share the joy enough though when I laid out all the pieces thus far, and all the measurements matched. The front is the same size as the back yay! The sleeves are the same too- I am in a place of knitter's bliss!

My first sweater! Posted by Hello

Big decision made last night

As I continue to persevere in my goal to meet Dr. Phil McGraw and his lovely wife Robin McGraw, new ideas to make this happen come frequently.

Such ideas include": Knitting Dr. Phil a scarf with his name on- cheesy, but a good way to practice embellishing a knitted material, and maybe it would work.

An e-mail a day to the show, to the point that the Dr. Phil team would want to blcok my e-mail- but hey, I have three different addresses, so that could go on awhile.

Telling everyone I know to e-mail him, for me. (hey, it might come down to this).
But the best idea (I think) so far, is to incorporate his philosophy/book Family First/things done or said on the show/etc to my MASTER'S THESIS.

Now, I am not afraid to work hard, but in this case I was going to select the least overwhelming paper to write, a 30 page integrative paper. But when it came down to it, I realized 30 pages wouldn't let me do what I want to do. Hence, the decision to "take the plunge" and opt for the medium option a 60 page thesis. I think I can do it, right? I mean, I'd be talking about Dr. Phil of all people in relation to Adlerian psychology.

I think I should make a plug for Adlerianism here. Adler believed in equality, and that an individual's mental health can be assessed by the degree of gemeinschaftsgefuhl one possesses. That big word is german for "social interest" or "community feeling". If one is involved in the community in a socially useful way, like in fostering genuine relationships, working to help others in some way shape or form, and working to get skilled at something not for the sake of being better than others but for the sheer desire of learning and cooperating, one's social interest is said to be high, aka a healthy person. If one is contributing to society in a socially useless way as in stealing, laziness, fearing all kinds of relationships, rebellion, or competing to be better than another person, one's social interest is said to be low.
So there ya go. This paper will be an ongoing work in progress type of thing, and probably the biggest thing that I hae accomplished academically. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Results are in!

Color 4- reddish, orangish, greenish 1 vote
Color 5- purples, 6 votes
Color 6- blues (my original choice) 2 votes
Color 7- earth tones, evergreen, brown, olive, 5 votes
Color 9- black/grey, 1 vote

Thank you for all the votes that I received!

Some people voted in my e-mail box, so not all the votes are on the blog- but the winner is...
Color Five- "What Fools These Mortals Be" will be the Shakespearean name of my sweater. Like Proverbs 31, I will be a woman in purple (on the days that I wear the sweater).

I also splurged and ordered a skein of the gray/black color (#9) named "Et Tu Brute?" to make a scarf. I don't have any scarves with black in them yet, only red-orange, green-blue, and pink yellow-aqua. It's time to make something "classic".

Now I just have to wait for my yarn to come. It has been shipped, but doesn't have a tracking number yet. When it comes, I will take a picture for the blog.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Hot bloggity- it's the first ever knitting corgis poll

Please all you diligent readers out there, visit this page and vote on a yarn color for a sweater for me. The yarn colors and the sweater pattern are here.
The sweater pattern is on the right side, below the yarn colors.
I was originally leaning toward color 06, but 05 is growing on me too. What do you think? Vote using the comment feature on my blog. Vote quickly, 'cause the yarn is on sale this week and I really want to buy it!

Tree in glass with IKEA gems-on silver star plate Posted by Hello

Alice in Wonderland with ostrich at Snow White Posted by Hello

The blue circle near Palomino's Posted by Hello

More holiday decorating fun Posted by Hello

Seasonal Sideboard Posted by Hello

Snow White's party at the Diamond Mine club scene Posted by Hello

My fish Posted by Hello

Troy's food  Posted by Hello

Christmas mantle Posted by Hello

Shoppin' the town

Minneapolis has this phrase, "do the town" that refers to shopping. You could say that on Friday and Saturday we "did the town".

Our shopping on Friday began with a trip to Selby Avenue's cooking/entertaining store, Savvy Host. Which evidently carries homeade pet food (but we didn't buy any). Then we went to a new chocolate store, that features Venezuelan chocolates. It just added another store from its base in Menomonie, WI. Virtually visit here. But do visit in person- they had samples even, and delectable treats with varying percentages of chocolate, so you could select dark, light, and anything in between. Plus, they make really good chocolate affordable, unlike some of the other chocolate stores.

On Hennepin Avenue we visited redlurered, Urban Outfitters, Gap, Borders, Kitchen Window, and a host of other places at which we "just looked". On Nicollet Mall, we visited Marshalls, William Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, and Jamba Juice.

For dinner we went to Basil's in the IDS Tower. OH- was our food good! I told Troy that it seemed like my food was just floating off my fork...into my mouth. I had Grilled Chilean Seabass with Citrus Butter, Lemon Scented Basmati Rice, Spinach, Red Chili Oil it was fabulous. Troy had Rib Eye Steak with Apple Wood Smoked Bacon Wrapped, Lemon Herb Oil,
Swiss Chard, Red Beet Reduction. This tasty food was eaten by us on the terrace over-looking polar bears (statues) that were meant to look as though they were swinging in the air, and the delightful Crystal Court Fountain. For dessert we had the "creme brulee sampler" which included vanilla creme, blueberry honey, and blackberry flavors of yes, creme brulee. Can we say Decadent?!
There will be pictures of the food on the blog soon.

While we were out on the town we walked everwhere, on the street and through the skyways. We were about to see the "Snow White" thing at Marshall Fields at 9pm- and then learned that the downtown Marshall Fields closes at 9. In our rush to reach the skyway before they closed their store doors we dashed out the wrong exit- and wandered further from our destination rather than nearer. It did yield in some good pictures though. I learned that the Palomino restaurant building has a great blue half circle thing painted on its ceiling- and I had a fun time photographing it while laying on a bench in the deserted courtyard. Getting "lost" was worth it in the end.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Shopping on Hennepin Avenue today

I am quite excited, Troy took a day off to go shopping on Hennepin and Nicollet Mall, and we are staying overnight in the Millenium Hotel. Just for fun- and well, to do some shopping of course.

I used to think shopping was overrated. Now I have succumbed to my formerly repressed desires to shop and today I will embrace those desires with passion!

We are getting ready for our fun day after having slept in and walking the dog together. What a treat.

We might even go to the yarn store by Midwest Mountaineering that I have yet to find. Whenever we go to the Fine Line I look for this infamous store, but so far it has remained hidden to my eyes. We'll have to see what else our day has in store for us- we are winging it- with a plan for a good dinner somewhere...

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Lingonberry love and tree-hugging

I must confess my ongoing relationship with the store that has "our kitchen" to-be, IKEA. My friend Elzbieta and I had the fortune of being able to dine on IKEA breakfast, complete with lingonberry preserves and lingonberry drink. That drink is so tasty- a fresh cross between a cranberry-like tartness and a strawberry-like sweetness. Make a trip to IKEA if you haven't yet, at least to try the beverage. Yum.

Prior to this engagement, my parents announced the bulk of our Christmas gift- money to update our oh so dysfunctional kitchen. Limited counterspace, a countertop hogging microwave with some many crumbs under it you'd think we snacked there, an ugly fan light- which has a replacement in waiting- and just un-lovely laminate wood-grain wannabe cupboards, all located on one side of the kitchen to present an unattractive top heavey arrangement. The new kitchen is everything but that. It will be modern, airy, and contemporary. Delightful, and functional. With 2 pull-out pantrys for all the food goodies and healthy stuff, a fabulous long uninterrupted counter for my sous chef offering a great distance of prep space, IKEA's sliding stainless steel spice rack (also eagerly anticipating its introduction to the kitchen while doing time in the guest bedroom for now), and Varde cupboards, with a row of glass- fronted cabinets, then traveling up the wall space for pretty things, then. I should really put in a picture of our current kitchen. I am very excited for the overhaul- I can barely wait. It's very gratifying for me to just ooh and aah at the display kitchen in IKEA and visualize the drastic change that is coming...

So- tree-hugging. I was a tree-hugger on Friday in the dark alleys of the Menards "pick-up merchandise here" lot. I learned that first one must assess the height of the bundled up trees, and then give each one a hug. By hugging the trees one gets an idea about how big the tree with "foof" out once unbundled. My new method worked, and the result was a big fluffy balsam fir tree. Now the next project is to get it decorated to my liking.

I also decorated my mantle, which is a favorite pastime. It's like giving me a white sheet of paper and saying, go ahead, create. I will post a picture of that result soon. I was inspired by a workshop that I attended with Nadia Ramirez, and her suggestion to use old books for variety and height on the mantle. Well, we had one old book, so I ended up taking the paper jackets off nearly all our hardcover books, and pretending they are old. Some of the books on the shelf include: Walden by Thoreau (yes I read it and found it quite intriguing), Self Matters by Dr. Phil, and Troy's old book addition of a Nancy Drew.

Well, I just finished my Power Yoga with Denise Austin video. Buster is especially skilled at getting in the way while I exercise in-home, but, like many things he does, it is too cute to put him in the kitchen for the interruptions.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Internet Destroyer

My wife is lying on the floor, despondent. She had just finished typing up a long, very verbose post, and went to try out the spell check feature. Somehow, I'm guessing because she was using Hello to post pictures, she ended up in the evil Internet Explorer browser. The spell check brought up a "we blocked a pop-up error" and when she clicked to allow pop-ups, IE decided to refresh the page... without all of her text. Gone. All of it. As any other bloggers will know, having all your heart-felt musings disappear into the mists of cyberspace...

That's why we use Firefox. It's free, give it a try. You'll be glad you did (and you won't be susceptible to all the IE security holes).

But anyway, enough proselytizing. I volunteered to attempt to recreate my wife's post. So here goes:

I was writing a paper all day. And I turned in a beast of a stack of work, including a 13 page paper. Next month I have the same professor, and I'm already getting nervous. The professor that I currently have, that I enjoy muchly, that stimulates me to go home from class and read my text voluntarily, is going back to Nebraska. His name is Wes Wingett - that's "Win-Jet". He conducted class with a great amount of energy, which was contagious. I know that everyone will notice the contrast of their professor of the month with that of Wes' magical style. My feet are in the doggy drool pile. Are you saying that? You can.

Before losing this post, I had begun writing with, um, something about the excitement about the creative things I'll be doing this week, like scrapbooking with my sister-in-law, embellishing silverware with my aunt-in-law, visiting a sheep farm with my mother-in-law, and visiting the Potters' Shed Thanksgiving Open House.

What was I saying toward the bottom? What else do you remember from the post you were looking at over my shoulder? (Not much) Say something about the big stack of paper I had from my professor after four sessions, 3 1/2 inches of paper to read (see picture below). Next month, I will take the second part of this class - Advanced Adlerian Approaches II - with the professor that I wrote today's paper for and did a beast of a stack of work. That class is also on Mondays. In January, I will have Research Prinicpals, also on Mondays. Then I will be whining - online - about my... something about my icky, terrifying 20 page research paper in the dead of winter.

Next paragraph.

I am still hopeful about my Dr. Phil experiment that would permit my husband (that's me) and I to meet both him and his wife. My professor Wes Wingett and I agreed that Dr. Phil utilizes many Adlerian principals (without crediting them to Adler). I also learned that I am a fifth generation Adlerian. What does that mean? I don't know yet. I think it means... that I will go to Tuscon, AZ, in May or June of 2005 to gather with fellow Adlerian intellectuals, 2 and 3 times my age, and two friends that are close to my age - at this point, I might attempt to experience my first, and probably second, third, and fourth, nights of sleeping in a bed without my cuddlepuppy. I mean, my husband. By myself, while sharing a room with two female Adlerian friends (the young ones).

Sayonara and Ciao, Happy Turkey Day (unless I post again before that, which I might, because my paper is done, and the other option is to clean the house because it's a little dirty).

I finished this class...but I have yet to do the reading, and do my homework Posted by Hello

Another Busterism Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Sneaky corgi

Well, I was upstairs at the computer working on another paper- they never end. I heard some paper tearing sounds, and thought, Gosh, we buy you fun things to chew- and you prefer our stuff. This picture is what I found later. Well, I laid it out nicely to show the sophistication of my dog's ripping abilities. I was not happy. How did he even find this money?! I think he pick-pocketed my knitting backpack- or else he got up on the dining room table. Either one is a bad sin. Naughty, naughty Buster of a dog. He sure knows how to assert himself in back-handed ways.

buster shredder Posted by Hello

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Reiterative babble? aka as Integrated paper

If you've ever tried to write an "integrative paper" you'll understand what I mean. You already know how it feels to sit, eyes glazy, with blank stares at the computer screen. For hours, and hours...on end. That is what integrative paper means to me. I mean, I had the experiences, I did the time, do I really have to write about it again?

Currently, I am in the menacing troes of paper-writing turmoil. Well, it isn't that bad, now that I took the time during watching Friday's Dr. Phil about overspenders for a second time while organizing my notes and thoughts for this task. I have since then embraced the freedom/curse of writing a paper for which I know little of its grading criteria, nor do I have an expectation for its length. Thus, I have begun my integrated art therapy directed study paper. This is the final element in my goal of attaining an art therapy specialization. When I complete it, I can say in all honesty that I took the Bob Bartholow approach to life. I will have taken a whack.

At this point it is not about perfection- it is about completion. Also in all honesty I contemplated out loud to my husband what it would mean if I just didn't do this paper. He said it would look bad on my resume, to which I replied- no one would know- I'm not going to walk into a session with a client and say, "Guess what- I didn't actually fulfill all the requirements of the Alfred Adler Graduate School Art Therapy Directed Study Program".

But just between me and you- the paper's half done. And when I start something, I do finish it. Especially when it relates to academia. I figure, if I spent even a moment of my time, an ounce of my energy while enrolled in any class, that I must give it my best, and finish out my work. But it is hard, I won't lie. I already said I wrestled with writing this paper in the first place. And again, since I started it- I better go back to it- right now, wait...oh, my husband's making cookies, the chocolate butterscotch ones (one of my favorite) ... and I want to keep knitting Troyboy's sweater sleeves. They're almost done now! Just about 14 rows, 7 on each to go. But I think I'll be a good girl and go write s'more.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Vote early, vote *often*

Well, maybe just once. I woke up at 8am to go vote with my husband. We drove 3 blocks through the misty rain, and were in and out in a flash. I did think it was humorous to enter the voting place (a church) and someone had placed a voting box right inside the entry way. Was that for the people with social phobias- who need a separate place to vote away from all the other voters? Was that strategic decorating? Like, add a bowl of candy, and some lighted candles, maybe a mirror with a decorated frame-someone must of did some late night internet research, on "tips to make your voting entry more attractive and welcoming". It's got to exist right- In this Martha Stewart world...
Was that box broken- did it lose it's ability to hum like the others? Why do those boxes hum, anyway? Is it to create a welcome environment for all who do their civic duty? Or, is it to subliminally influence the selections of the voters? Maybe I'll have to do a social psych study on that phenomena.
Last night, I had the pleasure to see "I Heart Huckabees"- with the existential detectives. It was a very interesting flick. If you like to think (are the philosophical or intellectual type) or even if you don't, at the least this film provides a provocative way to look at the world.
Is everything connected? Or is everything disconnected? Is everything meaningless? Or is everything meaningful? Regardless of which side of the spectrum you would like to explore- this movie addresses both views. Warning: after watching it, you might accidentally plunge into a few hours of life analysis, or at least good discussions with other fellow movie goers.
Soon, I will be going to IKEA with my Mom, wearing my shiny red "I Voted" sticker to purchase gold wrapping paper for my role as the kindergarten props person.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Yesterday I met an inspiration

I was in the Yarnery on Grand, and not only did I run into the preschool teacher for stressed kids from Lifetrack Resources in St. Paul whom I volunteered with through Free Arts- she's really cool and has tons of skills working with those children- plus she wrote a wonderful book for stressed kids.-but I also ran into the host of this tv show or which we have a TIVO season's pass. I looked at her, and thought she really looks like...and then I had to ask her are you who I think you are? She was ultra-friendly, and I asked her if she'd made the beautiful evergreen, brick red, and other fall colors poncho that she was wearing. Indeed she had, while on an airplane. I'm glad they didn't take her knitting needles away!
I proceeded to tell her that I am making a sweater for my husband, and she told me about her first knitted sweater. She hadn't blocked it when it was done, so it fit all funny. Later in her life she learned about blocking, and she made it fit just right, so now she loves it! I really can't tell you how ecstatic I was to meet her- I just wanted to follow her around for all her fabulous gardening, decorating, cooking, and *now* knitting advice. I wanted to say, "will you come knit with me in my house?" Next to meeting Dr. Phil and Robin (which I will do someday!) she was *the* celebrity that totally inspires me!

Friday, October 29, 2004

73 degrees in October!?!

Yes, It is lovely outside. Why am in in here? To post a comic corgi photo, and much more.
The Mindy Smith show at the Fine Line in Mpls, was excellent, and her first sold out show. It was worth standing up for 4 hours, through Garrison Starr (I liked this band), and another band I didn't really like (unnamed), and then having scratchny throats from smoking exposure, and needing to take showers (we smelled like smoke) as soon as we got home.
This week I ate nearly a whole loaf of Vegie Bread from the Spooner, WI Bake Shoppe. I think Troy had 2-3 slices. I am looking forward to cooking with my sous chef husband tonight, and hopefully making a small Thai dinner on Monday night before seeing "I *Heart* Huckabees". I'm really anxious to see that movie with an Existential Detective, and all that. Plus, it's a double date with a talented musical couple, "Sam n' Nat". Do see their shows, they're quite good.
I also put together an assemblable "sideboard" as Elizabethan clarified for me. I thought it was a hutch, but hey, I guess it's a "sideboard". She is doing a wonderful updating treatment to a hutch (*not a sideboard) by painting the GoodWill find black. It has lovely details and trim, and maybe she'll let me put a pic of it up when it's done!

WI barn- It really glowed like this Posted by Hello

Troy's sweater & my my Goodwill knock-off Posted by Hello

Hutch Posted by Hello

Ladybugged Buster Posted by Hello

Friday, October 22, 2004


The blogger program was being pokier than the Poky puppy, and there's a lot of ground to cover in the following post- so it's a long one.

Monday night I went on a double date to Linden Hill's Rice Paper Asian Fusion restaurant. Like the reviews stated, the tofu puffs are really good and tasty, as is the tamarind rice trio. And anywhere I can get Thai coffee- I do. It's sweet and yummy.
I've been a non-blogger as of late. That's due to the 2 papers I referenced in my last post. The were turned in this past Tuesday night, a day in advance of their due date. I'm so glad they're done. Then, I experienced the adrenaline fade-out, or more precisely stated, crash. Last night I succumbed to a nasty cold and fell asleep watching "The Prince and Me". With Julia Stiles and a prince. It was the typical chick flick.

Today I went on a coffeedate with my friend Leslie. We visited the Highland Park ultra-democratic Bean Factory. I drank a delightful mexican spiced mocha (Elizabethan you need to go there, preferably with me:)and inspired jealousy as a 5 year-old girl coveted my "Dr. Seuss" green/pink/blue felted slippers" and one mitten (see the pic on the blog). I was happy that her mother offered to teach her daughter to knit, and reassured her that she could get her own knitting needles. She seemed quite pleased at that prospect. OOH- I'm realizing how fun it is to write bloggy- not writing a paper. I have nothing about reading texts for class and researching, but when it comes time to write the papers and condense all the materials together I experience more pleasure washing the dishes than typing. I did decide that the end result of writing all these papers should be my focus- as I'd rather be a therapist who doesn't really write papers against his or her will than a professional hand-washer of dishes. Reassuring, eh?

Speaking of cats- while I was in the depths of writing a paper on Monday morning I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. It wasn't Buster. I looked out the window and the neighbor's cat was perched upon the tallest peak of their roof (their house is considerably lower than ours, but not one of those built-into-the ground types, it's normal) was their fluffy (or fat) black cat. It looked to be mocking Buster, as it was free outside, doing the cat-thing of whatever it wants, whenever it wants. I was also reassured of the safety of the local racoons, squirrels, etc. when I noticed they had a chimney cap- to keep the critters from moving into a smoky environment. Good animal safety practices are strongly endorsed by me. I even stop when squirrels get distracted mid-street to let them make up their minds about which side they want to be on.

Hey, does anyone want some kittens or one? My husband's parents noticed their cat Maynard had a hard belly. Soon there were kittens. Let me know if you want one. I want to be a copycat today. I am following chele's lead and doing listy stuff ( I really have been missing the blog thing!)

Here's the list: shortened a little, hers was too long for me to do-
First job: PetSmart cashier,floor sales, fish/bird section, and dog obedience instructor
First pet: Herman, the window-well toad in Lamberton, MN
First piercing: ears twice- once the hole closed up after a traumatic time of getting the earring back stuck in my ear, then re-pierced about 3 or 4 years later
First tattoo: uhuh- no way
First credit card: the Limited? I can't remember...
First kiss: at Northwestern College at someone's wedding, I think I was in 9th grade?

Last car ride: home from Borealis Yarn and the Bean Factory coffeehouse
Last book read: "Franny B. Kranny, There's a Bird in Your Hair" for kids, but highly recommended
Last movie watched: The Prince and I - last Friday night
Last movie watched in a theatre: Napoleon Dynamite - it was funny
Last beverage drank: Lemonade, preceded by a Mexican spiced mocha
Last food consumed: soft taco with marinated chicken, cheese, sour cream, rice, and tomatoes made in the microwave
Last phone call: work-related
Last time showered: at 8:50 this am
Last CD played: One Moment More, by Mindy Smith (we're going to see her at the Fine Line this Saturday)
Last website visited: (she started the list idea)

Single or Married: happily married
Gender: female
Birthday: December 22
Sign: I like the ones in Australia for wombat crossings
Hair color: brown/blondish
Eye color: navy/cobalyt blue (yes, it's natural)
Shoe size: 9
Height: 5' 10"
Wearing: boatneck Jones New York fuschia and orange stripes long sleeve tee, dark navy J Crew hipslung tall jeans, and tan socks with brown paw-prints on them
Thinking about: knitting Troy's sleeves, and needing to do work documentation, and how long it will take to post this with a poky blogger
Listening to: the PC's hard drive and monitor's buzzing

Monday, October 11, 2004

It's been awhile

since I posted, so I think I will, now.

Schipol, NL. Is that ski-pole? Or how is it pronounced? That's where my parents are flying in from tonight. I will miss SnB, but I have missed them for a few weeks now! We have been using their house to drop off Buster every now and then, I think he's quite confused about his "Grandma and Grandpa's" whereabouts.

OOH- Troy and I sang together yesterday. and it was fun. Tell him we should do that again;)

I should have listened, and believed everyone who told me that Group Psychotherapy class requires a lot of work. Now I have realized that this class is truely, a lot of work. Not to mention, (oops, I'm mentioning) that I need to write 2 papers within the next two weeks, and I still have to write a summary paper about my art therapy work with mothers and their children, and stressed preschoolers. I haven't written that one yet, though I finished all the other class work back in May or so. It just doesn't have a due date, so do I really have to do it?

I shared a communal turtle birthday sunday yesterday. It was colossally big and had lots of caramel and hot fudge, and whipped cream and cherries. Yum. Sorry to make ya'll hungry, don't drool on the keyboard. That Buster's job.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Today's prjoject

I knitted half a fuzzyfeet last night, and today it was walk the dog time in the am with DH, and I foud a heather gray long wool coat at a garage sale on the wlak for 4 dollars! Unbelievable. I do have to figure out how to lengthen the sleeves, though the wool fabric is in really good shape.

Then we worked on the landscaping project- I finished the mulching- I love cypress mulch for its texture and color, and we also did a small row of sunset stone alongside the house for its durability and contrast. Troy put up fence panel number one- and it looks lovely! Especially with the finished landscaping tasks.

At night we saw Lady with a Lapdog, a Guthrie Lab play adapted from Chekov's work by a similar title. I think he called it "Lady with a Little Dog". It was unusual in its portrayal involving 4 cast members in a rather narrative style combined with a lapsing in and out of the actual play characters. I was dissapointed that there was no white pomeranian- I should have lent them Buster and they could just paint him white and make him use his whiny voice. Yes- Buster has a whiny voice and a "big dog bark". Speaking of corgis, we want to add a baby girl corgi to our home. We think it would be a good pal for Buster, and they are so cute. Here's where we might get it.

new cedar gothic picket fence Posted by Hello

Friday, October 01, 2004

My first mitten Posted by Hello