Friday, March 31, 2006

prayer request

My Grandpa (on my Mom's side) had a stroke, and isn't doing well. His apt. had to be broken into to find him. I am on my way with all my family to visit him in IA. Please send him prayer and warm thoughts. Thanks.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Something to bitch about...

On the day of my stitch n bitch, there arose later in the day a situation worth

bitching about. This was my trip to one of those pre-pay gas stations. I try to avoid

them, and DH admits to leaving any pre-pay gas station and finding a "normal one" but

I had to go to the bathroom. It was right before my second appt. after SnB, so I went

to the gas station and figured I'd refuel as long as I was there. Well, it was a

prepay one, and it was packed. I didn't want to try to reverse in a circle to reach a

pump on the opposite side of my tank so I figured I'd wait it out behind a parked car

near the diesel pump, conveniently blocking the gas pump I'd selected. Meanwhile the

owner of that car comes out with a bottle of oil after several minutes' time. Ok, I

thought, I can be patient (I should really be knitting this out) I'll let this guy

put in the oil in his car.

So he proceeded to open the hood, and add the oil. Then he gets into his car and

starts it up, and begins reversing- right at my new car! I had no idea why he had to

back up when there wasn't a car in front of him, but I followed, and backed up too.

Then I realized what he was doing. He was going to pump his own gas at the pump I'd

been waiting for!

So I zoomed past him into a different spot, rather irate by his behavior. I parked. I

went in, and used the bathroom. Upon exiting the restroom the first thing I laid eyes

on was a bag of circus peanuts. That reminded me of my Grandma, who often had those

big marshmallowy candies at her house. I had to buy them so I did, along with $15 of


I walked out to my car, had to open my car to open the gas tank door, and began to

pump my prepaid gas. Nothing happened. It didn't work. It was at this point that I

realized that I had paid for gas at pump 8, not pump 2 where my car was parked. Crap

I thought, now what!? Surely the gas station person can push a little button and

transfer the gas from that pump to mine. But she couldn't. She did proceed to tell

the person in front of my prepaid gas pump what I had done.

I felt silly, and a bit annoyed. I hadn't been able to see the pump number with a big

Comcast truck blocking all but the furthest away pump numbers. I wondered what to do,

by now frustrated and almost willing to donate that 15 dollars of gas for the price

of my sanity.

I was also feeling a bit unsafe, there had been a man yelling at the gas stations

cashiers to give him 75 cents. I thought of some of the families I know. I would not

want to get on some of their bad sides- and I felt nervous and annoyed.

Then I stood looking at the pump that held my prepaid gas and trying to brainstorm

how to get it. Fortunately some man walked over the the pump where a big pick-up had

just parked and told him of the situation. He held my spot so I could reverse and go

to a pump I hadn't wanted to go to, but had to go to. And I got my 15 dollars of gas.

I was on my way to a sesssion, and knew my frustation would ruin my objectivity in my

work. So I called DH to vent. And that was my worst gas station trip yet. Plus, my 15

dollars of gas only partly filled my tank so I might have to do the whole process

over again tomorrow. Let's hope not. Now I need to go veg with my Jaywalker for

solace from the retraumatization of that experience.

Noro Kureyon, Trekking XXL, and some JoAnn Etc novelty stuff in the background.

Where knitting and crocheting merge- knit mistake rib scarf, crochet

"swatch" with single, double, and triple crochet samples. This was my

first learn to crochet swatch. This pic features my third purchase of

Trekking XXL yarn. I haven't used any of the other 2 skeins. I hope it

is good stuff!

I was eating a snack while uploading these pics- subconsciously

selected- and it was pink strawberry mist Yoplait Whips! yogurt, and

drinking a strawberry kiwi juice cooler. Pink and red snack time!

Jaywalker in Online yarn- pink and red composition

Last night I worked on untangling the yarn mess that my corgi created

when I wasn't looking. It was a big mess before I wound it into a ball.

It took me part of last night, and part of this morning to detangle.

Also featured, some Malabrigo.

Koigu-loving koala in a "cloche-like" glass thing

I bought this glass ting at Walmart with the intent to plant some

flower bulbs in it on some smooth rocks. I can't find any smooth rocks

at Target, and thus my koala got to sit in the trifle-dish.

I made this quilt with help from my grandma-in-law

And I bought this book at my Father-in-law's favorite store, Menard's.

Our Menard's has books and Rachel Ray stuff too. It is a really cute

book. Sometimes I read it to DH before bed.

March is almost over, I had to get my project spectrum pics on the blog!

bunny cupcakes

bunny cupcakes
Originally uploaded by CorgiMom.
They look much more friendly here. LIke they could hop off the plate

into your mouth.

Peeps bunny cupcakes

Peeps bunny cupcakes
Originally uploaded by CorgiMom.
My mom made these awesome cupcakes with a layer of cool whip and fresh

raspberries for my best friend's baby shower. I really like the shadow

on them, it makes them look kind of spooky, like Wallace and Gromit's

"the curse of the where-rabbit" movie.

drop-stitch prayer shawl

drop-stitch prayer shawl
Originally uploaded by CorgiMom.
This I made for a friend with kidney problems. She has been doing

really well lately, which is great to see. I think the prayer shawl

might have something to do with it.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

New car is here!!!!

I picked her up on Thursday morning, following a visit to the socially sanctioned torture place- the dentist where I had my teeth cleaned.

Promptly it began snowing, enroute to the car place. Then I drove her for the first time. She was parked in front of the Scion place, near the door, as if to protect her while she was on display. She was beautiful, her logo shined in a silvery matte way, and the redness of her exterior was breathtaking. Well, maybe not breathtaking, but definitely easy on the eyes, attractive, and appealing.

I am happy with her. No, I am very happy with her. She is short enough to park anywhere with easy, yet roomy enough to be ultra comfortable. Her little radio display is too fun for words, as I can change the background of the display to match whatever outfit I am wearing on any given day, or just change the colors as I wish. I direct IPOD hookup rocks- HELLO knitting podcasts, Brenda Dayne's Cast On voice is become quite a familar sound to me. As of yet I have not actually knit along while listening to them- because I am always driving at the time. No- I do not knit while driving. Not often anyway.

My new bluetooth thing has made it possible to make work phone calls while parked, and knitting. That is a real treat.

There are no pics of my new car due to her logo. The logo is supposed to go unwashed by a car wash for a week, to ensure its adhesion. When her logo was ordered through the Scion accessories place it arrived, and no one felt adequate to put it on. Not even the people who had "installed" rear bumper appliques on other cars. They had to call in the experts. It took them an hour to do it. It is really cool.

Today- I did a ton of studying. Anyone want to hear about communication theory, cybernetics, positive and negative feedback loops, emotion-focused couples therapy?

The jaywalker- after all this is a so-called-knitting-blog. SNBers you'll remember that I was sort of coming along on the one sock. Well, Wednesday night I frogged a bunch of it, back to the place before the heel chunk, and before the short row heel part. Then I redid a bunch. Then, last night, I was tinking, row after row, and finally decided to frog a bunch more, to get back to my goof up spot. I am a bit of a knitting perfectionist, I'll admit it, but I also value comfort. There was a place where I hadn't done the knit into the front and the back part, and it was rendering my zig zagging pattern awry. It wouldn't do. So, much tinking and frogging later, I am back to moving along at a slowish, but steady pace. One sock by spring. That would be a reasonable goal. Not a pair, a single, lonely but lovely bright Supersocke by Online in the Fun colorway. But just one sock.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

wanted: knitting hypnotist

Last night while in bed after a crazy night of doing excess paperwork for my job in hopes that I would have less to worry about on Tuesday, the "twas the night before SnB EP..." I fantasized about feeling relaxed, and calm, and energized. This fantasy was due to the fact that my mind was racing and my body was tense with stress, just knowing that the next day I would be getting up really early (6:19am) and having sessions from 8-5:45pm.

As I laid in bed I told DH that I need some knitting hypnotism. The kind that leaves my body with that oh-so-gratifying feeling that accompanies a really good knitting session. The kind that is unhurried, lengthy, and evokes productive feelings that can be derived only from having a long session of time in which to knit at my own pace, the feeling that comes from learning and mastering new knitting techniques, and last but not least, acheiving a finished object. The kind of experience that refreshes your mind and energizes your spirit; I desired such an experience last night, but it was not to be had. Maybe tomorrow.

Instead, I watched an episode of Gray's Anatomy, and went to bed.

Therefore, my expectations are high for my next SnB.

Does anyone know of such an opportunity existing perhaps nearby, or even anywhere?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The XB organization

My red car is not in my possession yet. But that's okay. The dealership desired to please us, well, please me for sure as the new car owner-to-be, and in return for a delay on my last extra feature on my car being back-ordered offered me in compensation the use of the Silver Scion XB track vehicle. I joked with DH, that maybe I could drive it till Wednesday SnB, and he said the dealership said that's fine. Plus, they apparently are letting me borrow it till mine is done, and ready. Sweet deal. It pays to be overly excited and anticipatory, and to patronize a car dealership that wants to please its customer.

So, I get to practice on the XB before mine is here. I just practiced organizing it for my crazy "my-car-is-my-office" job. I found a way to make it very neat and tidy. If anyone wants to play a game with me I am set, I have at least 10 games for kids in my car, and fortunately I no longer have the VCR in the back seat. That I had been using to watch a parenting video with clients who are vcr-less.

This morning I went running at our club, and saw a live special on IRAQ. Blah, I thought, and very depressing. I decided to switch the station on the tv, and just one station away from the IRAQ show I found TLC, then, another click away was Animal Planet. I chose TLC, and watched While You Were Out for the first time in months. The running went well and fast, and it was great to watch interior decorating while running.

The knitting has been neglected lately. I am glad to say that I am able to knit faster than when I started knitting so I can attempt to make up for less knitting time. Twice this week I was knitting and my eyes started to blur and I nearly fell asleep. Last night I did fall asleep. My eyes were crossing after a long but wonderful day of baby shower preparations and hosting, and as I watched Dr. Phil on the TIVO I began to feel very sleepy. I just barely finished my row of 33 sts before falling asleep. I had to tough it out to do that much. Then, and this is a momentous but sad occasion, I placed my knitting back into my knitting bag, zipped it up tightly, and reclined, falling asleep instantly.

This afternoon we are going to help some friends on their wedding invitation assembly process. It should be fun, but I will be helping with a Starbucks in hand.

I have gotten a little knitting in on the blue baby boy sweater. I would like to be prepared for my best friend's baby- be it a boy or a girl. And I really think it is going to be a girl, and my mom thinks the same thing, based on her pregnancy side profile. It's been fun to get to hear her pregnancy stories and to watch her grow.

Happpy pre-spring knitting!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Friday, March 10, 2006

My car has been found!

It wasn't really lost, because I haven't met the one yet. The one that will provide me with mile after mile of constant splendour...well, at least originality. Though I can't completely design and build my own car (well, maybe I could, I'm sure my father-in-law could help me...) I am, however, able to select my own "options" in the personalising of my car. And, my medium-sized volcano has been found, she'll be called Arenal, after the Costa Rican active volcano. Due to the nature of my job this vehicle will be active, and she'll get around. Monday she'll be picked up by the dealer, and I hope to make contact with her beforehand, just to let her see me, get to know me a bit, and get acclimated to her new Driver.

Tomorrow I have CLASS all day, 8-4:30, followed by our small group. I'm scared Sunday will come, and go, and I'll be wondering WHERE WENT MY WEEKEND!

Oh- I went to Scion City, which I envisioned to be a place of grandiosity and overwhelming Scion presence and there was not a single Scion XB in sight. I just wanted to go see one, satiate my eyes visually as I awaited, and wondered what awful things would happen to Electra (my Neon) next? And then, alas, a magical e-mail came, announcing the arrival and availability of my new car. I think I'll go knit a bit now to celebrate. I like to celebrate. oh, Lisa, I didn't have a mojito tonight, but I had a Billy Ocean at Cafe Tiburon. It was good, but not the Chino Latino Blackberry Mojito Martini good. Nothing can beat that drink.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Well- the Knitting Olympics- I did not get a gold metal. I didn't get a silver, probably not even a bronze. Oh well, I had reasons, but I shouldn't rationalize. I did, however, complete a sock and a half, thus completing my Mom's all cotton socks (I will never do that again with a wood circular needle). It was like knitting wrestling- and that would probably have to be a summer olympic-like sport, and I was contending with the Winter Olympics. Wrong year, Wrong season.

My original sweater knitting (that mitered one, see related link) proved too challenging for me, and I abandoned it in favor of a different raglan baby sweater pattern. I was able to finish the back of the baby cardigan, but none of the other pieces of it.

What have I been knitting? Well, still the mistake rib scarf of Noro Kureyon. I think I don't want to get done with it because I like the Kureyon too much. I'm funny like that, I have a hard time drinking the last of my chai mix, or eating the last of a special candy, because once it's gone, it's gone. And that would of course be tragic. Or nearly tragic.

I have some Jaywalkers in progress. My SNB friends were quick to point out that my multicolored sock yarn was proving to yield a near perfect match to my multicolored clothes, especially my indigo blue embroidered jeans. This of course spurred me on to work on the sock.

I have returned to Knitty's Branching Out scarf. I think Amy must be sending me good knitting vibes, thus permitting me to grasp the pattern with speed and high knitting quality. Thanks Amy!

I finished a few things. An orange mohair acrylic baby sweater, a grape-colored cable knit mohair purse, my Mom's socks, my husband's wool socks, that's probably it.

I have some funny stories to share too.

last week my new vehicle was ordered. I am excited, but forced to wait for its arrival. A torturous time it is, especially with my car playing psychological tricks on me.

Example one: I had a night dream in which my current car was in the parking lot outside a school. I had been in the school all day. A police car was in the parking lot as I exited the school building. I wondered why. Then, I walked to my car. It was parked perpendicular to the way parking lot lines run. Someone had moved it. Someone also had smashed in the exterior framework around the windows.

Dh said that I was psychologically trying to separate and prepare myself for a new vehicle. Sounds right to me, what do you think?

Example Two/Three: Driving on 94W behind a fuel tanker truck talking to my mom on the cell, telling her I felt like something bad was going to happen to my car to help prepare me for the new one. Suddenly a long piece of something looking like concrete about 12 inches by 4 inches came flinging off the tanker in front of me, and I responded by quickly changing lanes to avoid it. About an hour later I scratched the passenger side of my car by pulling in too closely to the concrete post by the gas pumps. My car took off some of the SuperAmerica's post paint. It was red. My new car is red. My car was trying to "become" new, like its looming replacement. This was followed by the dome light refusing to be turned off, along with the door ajar light protesting also. Oh, the battery light likes to give me little spontaneous appearances too. Electra, my car's name, is on her way out, Arenal, the new salsa red car is ready to make her entry. I hope it is soon, I'm tired of waiting.

My knitting moments have been few. I have been ready to fall asleep after eating dinner, and my attempted knitting tonight resulted in tinking instead. Yesterday I was whining at SNB- I was there for maybe half an hour, maybe not even. It was difficult to leave my friends there, since I felt like I'd just arrived.

I have been doing a crazy amount of work lately, especially today- I left my house at 7:15, and came back at about 7:15. But tomorrow am I have some resting time, possibly till the afternoon. Maybe I will have to make the trip to Coldwater Collaborative.

Lastly, another snippet~ I got my hair cut before SNB yesterday morning. I was chatting with my hair stylist, asking her what she liked to do, and one of the things she said was "I am thinking of doing a book." "Wow" I said. "That's very impressive! What do you want to 'do' it on?" She replied, "yeah, I'm thinking about reading one. I haven't read one since high school." OH...I see...can you catch where I'm heading with this? I thought she was going to write one, but she meant she was toying with the idea of reading one. Not the commitment to read one, but embracing the concept of reading a book. The instance was a wonderful example of the mysteries of communication. What we hear is not always what is meant. Now go knit!