Saturday, March 25, 2006

New car is here!!!!

I picked her up on Thursday morning, following a visit to the socially sanctioned torture place- the dentist where I had my teeth cleaned.

Promptly it began snowing, enroute to the car place. Then I drove her for the first time. She was parked in front of the Scion place, near the door, as if to protect her while she was on display. She was beautiful, her logo shined in a silvery matte way, and the redness of her exterior was breathtaking. Well, maybe not breathtaking, but definitely easy on the eyes, attractive, and appealing.

I am happy with her. No, I am very happy with her. She is short enough to park anywhere with easy, yet roomy enough to be ultra comfortable. Her little radio display is too fun for words, as I can change the background of the display to match whatever outfit I am wearing on any given day, or just change the colors as I wish. I direct IPOD hookup rocks- HELLO knitting podcasts, Brenda Dayne's Cast On voice is become quite a familar sound to me. As of yet I have not actually knit along while listening to them- because I am always driving at the time. No- I do not knit while driving. Not often anyway.

My new bluetooth thing has made it possible to make work phone calls while parked, and knitting. That is a real treat.

There are no pics of my new car due to her logo. The logo is supposed to go unwashed by a car wash for a week, to ensure its adhesion. When her logo was ordered through the Scion accessories place it arrived, and no one felt adequate to put it on. Not even the people who had "installed" rear bumper appliques on other cars. They had to call in the experts. It took them an hour to do it. It is really cool.

Today- I did a ton of studying. Anyone want to hear about communication theory, cybernetics, positive and negative feedback loops, emotion-focused couples therapy?

The jaywalker- after all this is a so-called-knitting-blog. SNBers you'll remember that I was sort of coming along on the one sock. Well, Wednesday night I frogged a bunch of it, back to the place before the heel chunk, and before the short row heel part. Then I redid a bunch. Then, last night, I was tinking, row after row, and finally decided to frog a bunch more, to get back to my goof up spot. I am a bit of a knitting perfectionist, I'll admit it, but I also value comfort. There was a place where I hadn't done the knit into the front and the back part, and it was rendering my zig zagging pattern awry. It wouldn't do. So, much tinking and frogging later, I am back to moving along at a slowish, but steady pace. One sock by spring. That would be a reasonable goal. Not a pair, a single, lonely but lovely bright Supersocke by Online in the Fun colorway. But just one sock.


- LisaD. said...

Yay! Sounds like a dream. Your car, that is.

beth said...

Bummer on the sock, but yay on the car!! I can't wait to see it this wednesday:)