Tuesday, March 21, 2006

wanted: knitting hypnotist

Last night while in bed after a crazy night of doing excess paperwork for my job in hopes that I would have less to worry about on Tuesday, the "twas the night before SnB EP..." I fantasized about feeling relaxed, and calm, and energized. This fantasy was due to the fact that my mind was racing and my body was tense with stress, just knowing that the next day I would be getting up really early (6:19am) and having sessions from 8-5:45pm.

As I laid in bed I told DH that I need some knitting hypnotism. The kind that leaves my body with that oh-so-gratifying feeling that accompanies a really good knitting session. The kind that is unhurried, lengthy, and evokes productive feelings that can be derived only from having a long session of time in which to knit at my own pace, the feeling that comes from learning and mastering new knitting techniques, and last but not least, acheiving a finished object. The kind of experience that refreshes your mind and energizes your spirit; I desired such an experience last night, but it was not to be had. Maybe tomorrow.

Instead, I watched an episode of Gray's Anatomy, and went to bed.

Therefore, my expectations are high for my next SnB.

Does anyone know of such an opportunity existing perhaps nearby, or even anywhere?

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