Friday, March 10, 2006

My car has been found!

It wasn't really lost, because I haven't met the one yet. The one that will provide me with mile after mile of constant splendour...well, at least originality. Though I can't completely design and build my own car (well, maybe I could, I'm sure my father-in-law could help me...) I am, however, able to select my own "options" in the personalising of my car. And, my medium-sized volcano has been found, she'll be called Arenal, after the Costa Rican active volcano. Due to the nature of my job this vehicle will be active, and she'll get around. Monday she'll be picked up by the dealer, and I hope to make contact with her beforehand, just to let her see me, get to know me a bit, and get acclimated to her new Driver.

Tomorrow I have CLASS all day, 8-4:30, followed by our small group. I'm scared Sunday will come, and go, and I'll be wondering WHERE WENT MY WEEKEND!

Oh- I went to Scion City, which I envisioned to be a place of grandiosity and overwhelming Scion presence and there was not a single Scion XB in sight. I just wanted to go see one, satiate my eyes visually as I awaited, and wondered what awful things would happen to Electra (my Neon) next? And then, alas, a magical e-mail came, announcing the arrival and availability of my new car. I think I'll go knit a bit now to celebrate. I like to celebrate. oh, Lisa, I didn't have a mojito tonight, but I had a Billy Ocean at Cafe Tiburon. It was good, but not the Chino Latino Blackberry Mojito Martini good. Nothing can beat that drink.


- LisaD. said...

Okay Meleah, start perfecting the Ultimate mojito, cause when it is my turn to host a knit are playing bartender. Deal?

beth said...

Wow a blackberry mojito martini?! Sounds fancy, but I'm not a fan of blackberries....I'm sure I'd like a regular mojito;) I can't wait to see you new car, so fun!!