Friday, January 29, 2010

A few latest obsessions- new bathroom and fair isle knitting

Redoing our entire bathroom-
-putting in a Maax aerosens air tub (the sanitary version of a whirlpool-style bathtub)
- adding travertine flooring
-changing the "lovely" peach and black motif to a more natural and calming travertine-style porcelain tiles with brown metallic glass tile accents
-new toilet
-new sink, this one,
or a square one that sinks on top of the sink
-new vanity
-adding a ceiling fan/heater
-adding a skylight
-re-insulating the whole room

Should be amazing- I can't wait for all of it to happen. I have lived long enough with my non-ventilated dark peach and black tiles from 1940's. It's time to say "Hello 2010!!!!!"

Here's some inspiration photos I've found online-

1, 2, 3

In Knitting land- Kelle's one-handed stranded fair isle bug has bit hard! So addictive- I asked DH if I was out of my mind for buying this, and he said I was ready for a challenge. It's not been that hard- just takes some focus. I'm loving it!

I thought it was a bargain for that price- and now I have like 30 more balls of yarn running around our house.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

an excerpt- Email to my son

You are too cute! You waved at all the animals at the zoo, and loved watching even the slow-moving turtles. You also loved the fish. It was like a new you at the zoo today- interested in everything! (we went on Monday the 4th. )

Sunday, the 3rd I asked you "did u sleep well?" and you replied, plopping down in your crib from a stand, "I did" :) you made Daddy and I both chuckle.

Sunday night you were into jumping. you can do little jumps, and kept telling Daddy where to stand in the kitchen, then said,' Daddy jump!" "Mommy, jump!"

Today when I was cleaning and organizing you went over to your toys on the other side of the room and said, "Mommy, sit"! and pointed to a spot on the floor next to you. I guess you were telling me to take a break! So I did. How could I resist your request:)?