Friday, January 29, 2010

A few latest obsessions- new bathroom and fair isle knitting

Redoing our entire bathroom-
-putting in a Maax aerosens air tub (the sanitary version of a whirlpool-style bathtub)
- adding travertine flooring
-changing the "lovely" peach and black motif to a more natural and calming travertine-style porcelain tiles with brown metallic glass tile accents
-new toilet
-new sink, this one,
or a square one that sinks on top of the sink
-new vanity
-adding a ceiling fan/heater
-adding a skylight
-re-insulating the whole room

Should be amazing- I can't wait for all of it to happen. I have lived long enough with my non-ventilated dark peach and black tiles from 1940's. It's time to say "Hello 2010!!!!!"

Here's some inspiration photos I've found online-

1, 2, 3

In Knitting land- Kelle's one-handed stranded fair isle bug has bit hard! So addictive- I asked DH if I was out of my mind for buying this, and he said I was ready for a challenge. It's not been that hard- just takes some focus. I'm loving it!

I thought it was a bargain for that price- and now I have like 30 more balls of yarn running around our house.


Anonymous said...

Yippy, a post! I like the links to your inspiration pictures :) That sweater looks gorgeous, can I have one? ~e

Kelly said...

I cannot wait to see the during and after photos of the bathroom. We need to put a fan in our master bath too so I'll especially pay attention to that :-) Love the sink and tile ideas, fantastic!