Friday, April 28, 2006

Hello from Austin TEXAS

That is where I am now, in the Marriott that has armadillos as a type of crown moulding on the lobby walls. I did some great shopping at J Crew and bought the goldfish sweater- pics later. Last night I met up with my brother from KS in town here with his roommate from college to visit his friends' sister- and we had drinks at the Brown Bar. I had a caramel apple martini with butterscotch Schnapps, and some apple liquor. YUMM-O ! We were out LATE! Like 2ish. The night life was quite happenin' even on a Thursday. There were several blocks of bars just blocked off from traffic- and people walking everywhere. Lots of police on horses, too. It was pretty wild to see that much excitement on a Thursday.
I knit a bit on the Jaywalkers that never end- while stdy breaking at Starbucks for a few hours yesterday. Someday they will end- but hopefully before I run out of yarn.
I plan to take a nap before going to a wedding rehearsal dinner at Buca di Beppo- then maybe stay out late again with my bro, DH, and his roommate.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Missing: Snb'er

I missed group today. Sad, sad times. My other knitting friend didn't return my call suggesting an evening knitting date. Double sad. I went to Menard's and spent an hour there looking at chair leg floor protectors, doorknobs, and lighting. I also picked up Family Circle knitting (yes, at Menard's) for one particular pattern, a summer cotton yarn twin set with eyelets and a middle cable tank. Cute. DH was gone, and I was on my own.

I am still working on getting to the heel flap part of my Jaywalker. I might reach it tonight. The sock keeps measuring at 6.35 or something, despite knitting and measuring for progress. I might do that safety pin trick so I can see more visibly the progress.

I have been toying with the idea of completing some unfinished things. Here is the list: summer light green cotton capelet (kit from Target). I am mulling over the idea of ripping out the first completed half of it, and tinkering with the pattern to knit it in the round instead of as two pieces), grape cable Sierra purse (still needs handles to be purchased, and for me to sew in its lining), blue boy baby sweater (needs the button band to be completed and sewn on), orange mohair baby sweater (needs me to weave in the tails from crabstitch trim on cuffs and outer edging. I sewed the rest of the snaps on today while being sick for half a day). That might be it.

I knit 3 cotton dishcloths between a week ago Saturday and Easter day. One for my Mom, one for my MIL, and one for my GMIL (Grandma in law). I have another to make still, for my SIL. They are my springy little treat to their recipients. I have a new favorite dishcloth pattern, and no, I haven't knit dishcloths for about 2 years, and I have been knitting for about 2 1/2 years total.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

knitting posting

Will I ever get to the 6.5 mark on my Jaywalker mate? It seems to go on forever! I did change from size 2's to size 1's. Well, they are Addi Turbos' size ones, which translates into an American 1 1/2- but we don't have that size. Had you ever noticed the "bump" in conversions- it is not a seamless transition from a 1 to a 2.

I personally haven't noticed much of a difference in the stitch size between the one and the two. Both needles have been the Addi Turbo circulars, so there is no glitch in switching brands that could explain the difference in sizes. I never would have noticed the anomaly but I had pulled out my newly purchased size ones to compare. They looked pretty much the same. This I expected, they are the same brand, but then I pulled out the Susan Bates Gauge thing- and alas, the Addi T. is bigger than a one, but fits the hole with a little looseness of the size 2. Hmm...thus began my additional research, the back of the needle packaging. There, listed out was the mm conversion and the American conversion. So note to all- read the package before you buy!

I did some more research, and found others confirming my experience. Here ya go. Wendy, and here is some other really interesting if not nerdy knitterly reading.

Next, I will have to get out my gauge thing, and check the gauge, and see how it compares.

For now, I will satisfy myself with some Teavana Roobios Tropica tea to tame my sore virusy throat. I have been trying to fight of what I consider to be the North Dakota strain of something. I credit my cousin as the supplier, and the exchange happened during my grandpa's funeral in IA. I am convinced it came from ND, as I profess to display resistance and immunity to the suburban and urban viruses of the metro area and it's outyling metro area counties.

Oh cute, someone took their Greyhounds dogs to the park!

Just like we took little Weasel and Buster McDuster to the park. Wait! Um...there's a lot of them. Like five, and they are really big! I'm kinda scared of that many big greyhounds in a pack- AH!!! They are deer!

This is what I said while walking at near-dusk in a semi-unfamiliar, but previously familiar park. DH and I took the dogs to a park in New Brighton after dropping my sister and brother in law off at their car (they had rode back in Arenal my XB with us from WI).

About an hour or so elapsed before we called them- to bail us out of the dark park.By then we had found our way out of the dark and then scary to me park, and onto neighborhood like land with good suburban lighting. They were willing to "rescue" us and our dogs, and then chauffeur us back to Arenal in the parking lot of the dark park. Thankyou, a big shout out for the help out!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

They look like a work of art, too.

Genevieve and my other new Think! shoes

I'm sure they will help me think better...The day I bought them I

matched them. My toes match the red strap, and my zip-up shirt matched

the blue stripe, and I had on a matching green shirt on, too! They just

called my name.

New Merrill shoes!

New Merrill shoes!
Originally uploaded by CorgiMom.
Genevieve had to check them out- I am not planning on letting her

"borrow" them

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sock Blessing

Little Jaywalker, held in the palm of one's hand
One's hand who loved me
You were grasped, and held, and loved
by my Grandpa.
You were complimented,
An honest compliment that you were very nice,
the moment in time, that moment you were held
I was held.
Held and loved,
Feeling your love, your fleeting life,
in that moment you were held.

Thankyou blogfriends for your kind support...

It is great to see the support from blogfriends. If that wasn't a word, I just coined it thusly.

It has been a tough week. Monday my favorite Grandpa went to heaven- left this earth, and thus I will never to get to visit him in person again. I was quick to desire several mementos to remember him by- I selected these from his home in IA. Things I selected were- some small Dutch dolls, his glass milk pitcher, and his garden tools. I gathered old letters I had written during my high school days, which he had saved in a few drawers. I found an envelope that my Grandma had written on, (she went to heaven 4 days after our wedding) it held a paper I had written for a class, The paper was titled, "A Relationship I Cherish." This paper shared many of my great memories of my Grandparents.

I dreaded, absolutely dreaded going to the funeral. I felt that he could be alive in some form- for as long as the space existed between his last breath and that social and religious tradition, the funeral. I longed for his presence, his life in this world as I refused to accept reality. The night before the funeral I was up late studying for the other big thing in my life, my Marriage and Family Therapy test. I felt like I could just slowly study away the hours before that two o'clock appointment, that attempt at closure, and feared the speeding clock brought on by sleep.

I was almost left at the cemetery. Had it not been for my only girl cousin speaking up for my absence I would have still been there. I was busy when they boarded the "limousine" for the pallbearers, my cousins, brother, and DH and I. I was still gathering my own flowers from my Grandpa's flowers at his graveside. They were beautiful, lush red roses, and pure white delicate yet sturdy tulips, both surrounded in greenery and baby's breath. My Grandpa was always generous with the flowers he grew, and even though his green thumb wasn't responsible for these, I knew he would let me have them if he were there, and could tell me so. In a way he shared his flowers with me- just like always, like I remember.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Prompt as always- he died at 12. Not a minute before, not a minute after. That was when he usually ate lunch. Everything was always on schedule, and the coffee was placed ready to be made in the coffe pot the night before it was to be brewed.

My favorite Dutch, tulip-loving gardening Grandpa has gone on to heaven. It is a beautiful day to be in heaven, I would think. I was able to sing to him a song I wrote for him, here it is below.

When you woke up in the heavens, sun's rays extended down to earth
to lift you high, far above the sky,
When you woke up in the heavens.

And you heard the Father say, "well done, well done"
When you woke up in the heavens.

Now your time on earth is done, eternity's just begun.
When you woke up in the heavens.

He died shortly after arriving at hospice care, with his daughters and family around, and Christian music playing (his favorite), and he was not in pain.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Today DH met me in IA, with "my little family of my own" composed of Buster and Genevieve. We went to Petco in the am, and they hung out in my new car in crates for the rest of the day, with intermittent breaks to go outside and do their business.

It has been a very tough few days. All my family and Grandpa Bert's friends have been visiting and singing hymns per his request to him. He has been saying quite a bit, he told my brother and cousin- both single college men- to find themselves a woman for a wife. And it was cool to have my husband come and talk with him too as well as support me.

Jaywalker part 1- the first of the pair was completed last night, was it last night? NO, the night before last. It fits perfectly. I had some extra toe sts near the end on needles 1 and 4, so I continued the decrease pattern on those needles, and just knit those sts on needles 2 and 3. The toe is great- not too long. I cast on for the second sock that night also, and it is almost 3 inches along.

My Aunt and I did a 1000 piece puzzle in the hospital waiting room from between the hours of 2 and 11 I would say. My brother put in one or two pieces, but I think Aunt and I did the bulk of the puzzle. It was a blue-songbird, with some suns, a moon, stars, and some abstract rectangles. I wanted to glue it together with puzzle glue and put it up in either my kitchen or my living room- it would match either. But it belonged to the hospital, so I didn't glue it together.

We are back now, in MN. The days have been rough and tough. I could not sleep last night at all; I hope to sleep better in my own bed with DH. The waiting is really tough, I wish I knew how long all this would last. I am still deciding if I am going to work tomorrow- it's been a long weekend full of stress, exhaustion, and poor sleep. I slept much better on Friday night- after a margarita. I wished I'd had one last night, it made a big difference the night before. Well, that's all for now.