Sunday, April 02, 2006


Today DH met me in IA, with "my little family of my own" composed of Buster and Genevieve. We went to Petco in the am, and they hung out in my new car in crates for the rest of the day, with intermittent breaks to go outside and do their business.

It has been a very tough few days. All my family and Grandpa Bert's friends have been visiting and singing hymns per his request to him. He has been saying quite a bit, he told my brother and cousin- both single college men- to find themselves a woman for a wife. And it was cool to have my husband come and talk with him too as well as support me.

Jaywalker part 1- the first of the pair was completed last night, was it last night? NO, the night before last. It fits perfectly. I had some extra toe sts near the end on needles 1 and 4, so I continued the decrease pattern on those needles, and just knit those sts on needles 2 and 3. The toe is great- not too long. I cast on for the second sock that night also, and it is almost 3 inches along.

My Aunt and I did a 1000 piece puzzle in the hospital waiting room from between the hours of 2 and 11 I would say. My brother put in one or two pieces, but I think Aunt and I did the bulk of the puzzle. It was a blue-songbird, with some suns, a moon, stars, and some abstract rectangles. I wanted to glue it together with puzzle glue and put it up in either my kitchen or my living room- it would match either. But it belonged to the hospital, so I didn't glue it together.

We are back now, in MN. The days have been rough and tough. I could not sleep last night at all; I hope to sleep better in my own bed with DH. The waiting is really tough, I wish I knew how long all this would last. I am still deciding if I am going to work tomorrow- it's been a long weekend full of stress, exhaustion, and poor sleep. I slept much better on Friday night- after a margarita. I wished I'd had one last night, it made a big difference the night before. Well, that's all for now.

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