Tuesday, April 18, 2006

knitting posting

Will I ever get to the 6.5 mark on my Jaywalker mate? It seems to go on forever! I did change from size 2's to size 1's. Well, they are Addi Turbos' size ones, which translates into an American 1 1/2- but we don't have that size. Had you ever noticed the "bump" in conversions- it is not a seamless transition from a 1 to a 2.

I personally haven't noticed much of a difference in the stitch size between the one and the two. Both needles have been the Addi Turbo circulars, so there is no glitch in switching brands that could explain the difference in sizes. I never would have noticed the anomaly but I had pulled out my newly purchased size ones to compare. They looked pretty much the same. This I expected, they are the same brand, but then I pulled out the Susan Bates Gauge thing- and alas, the Addi T. is bigger than a one, but fits the hole with a little looseness of the size 2. Hmm...thus began my additional research, the back of the needle packaging. There, listed out was the mm conversion and the American conversion. So note to all- read the package before you buy!

I did some more research, and found others confirming my experience. Here ya go. Wendy, and here is some other really interesting if not nerdy knitterly reading.

Next, I will have to get out my gauge thing, and check the gauge, and see how it compares.

For now, I will satisfy myself with some Teavana Roobios Tropica tea to tame my sore virusy throat. I have been trying to fight of what I consider to be the North Dakota strain of something. I credit my cousin as the supplier, and the exchange happened during my grandpa's funeral in IA. I am convinced it came from ND, as I profess to display resistance and immunity to the suburban and urban viruses of the metro area and it's outyling metro area counties.

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