Thursday, June 30, 2005

Mom's Sweater on our couch

Mom's Sweater on our couch
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Three BIG balls of yarn- and one started Simple Elegance Sweater from

Linda's Craftique

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Purple halter tank

Purple halter tank
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Knitted body, crocheted straps

Redoing the tank and losing teeth

My very honest friend Elzbieta had the heart to point out that my shapely tank was looking too big. I think she meant to say that it's shape and my shape weren't going to work out together. So- I ripped it all out. Yes. All of it, and cast on with at least 10 few stitches. I had to agree with her statement- I was concerned too. I just hope the second time around it is just right. DH's grandma also pointed out that I knit everything more than once- as in, I do a lot of ripping out my work and reknitting. Perhaps it's cause I spent too much time playing Frogger as a child- and I enjoy the frog pond? For the non-knitters- ripping things out can sound like rippit, ribbit, etc, thus time is spent in the frog pond when one is ripping out knitting progress.

The shapely tank is also evolving into a halter top- per my Adler friend and knitting colleague's suggestion. We will have to see what comes out of all these changes. Perhaps a commitment to steer clear of patterns?! This is a vow I have taken once I own the Knitter's Bible, or some similar book containing a multitude of knitting stitches and stitch patterns.

In the Weasel-Pop storybook, Genevieve, our puppy, spent a significant amount of time lingering near the bottom of the stairs yesterday morning. This was while I was doing documentation for work while in the dining room. I checked the area for oopsie potty problems. None. So I returned to my seat, only to hear Buster playing with something that sounded like glass. In the interest of my corgi's safety and my reluctance to continue my boring work I checked things out. There on the floor sat a little pool of puppy spit (I know, it's gross- but it's true) and a little flat corgi molar-like tooth. Weasel-pop had lost her first tooth !

This morning at 6am a similar thing happened. And tooth number two was found alongside my part of the bed, again making a similar clinking metallic-like noise upon hitting the floor. DH asked what the sound was, I said, "It could be another tooth." And it was.

Sock mate in progress

Sock mate in progress
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Poor Richard's place, Spooner, WI

Too many mounted animals

the most beautiful sink

the most beautiful sink
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Guess which restaurant has this sink and the winner will get a skein of

Divine mohair in Orangina

My lilies are blooming

My lilies are blooming
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I re-started the shapely tank

I re-started the shapely tank
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


[Blogging support staff (i.e., DH) taking dictation from CorgiMom. There was an apparent malfunction of some unknown kind, and another very long post was lost into the cyber abyss. DH will now attempt to recreate from verbal direction]

I switched... something about how I switched over to MS Windows so that I could have a link-laden post, and when I was almost done, my post disappeared. Today my mom ordered a sweater pattern for me to knit for her. It is being sent to my house. That means I will spend way too much time tracking it and experience the drama of frustration followed by ecstasy when it arrives. [Dogs making play rough-housing noises.] Ready? I offered to knit a sweater for my mom last winter, um... she has finally decided which one, or which two to select. I think she waited this long, and then I had like 1, 2, 3 [oh, you mean like this?] 1) Mom wanted me to increase my knitting skill before I knit her a sweater, 2) She wanted to be confident of achieving a good looking product so she wouldn't have to wear an ugly sweater so I would feel good, 3) She wanted me, possibly, to be able to save some money for potential spending and decided to buy a sweater kit so I can keep on knitting through my yarn abstinence. You ready? [Yes.]

Next paragraph! The sweater I am knitting for Mom is this. Now highlight "this" [oh, wait, that's an instruction. I'm supposed to click on the green "bull like" picture on the bar - just a second.] Currently I am knitting this. And I want to knit this, this, this and this. I am also going to knit another capelet made of Orangina Divine.

The ice cream event was at Izzy's, results from the voting are here.

Next paragraph! I am still working on my thesis. You will here this probably until September, unless I get done earlier. Currently,

Whoops, that's a new paragraph. This... has been made by my DH downstairs. I am waiting for it. [It should be ready soon] I hope it will be delightful. Today, my husband [that's me] called me and sent me here to get a free Caribou Coffee Cooler - cool Light White Berry with Raspberry is my favorite. I am still working on my blue and light-green sock.

Today I went to the library and picked up two non-non-fiction books. My husband detected an absence of my reading fiction books and felt that I should.. what should we say [little chuckling, presumably at my typing whatever she's saying verbatim] add to my reading list. So I picked up two books today: The Secret Life of Bees and The Swallows of Kabul. I greatly appreciate my one-man blogging support staff [that's me!] and hope that he will continue to be faithful to me in this way in the future as I'm sure this dreadful occurrence will fall upon me again.

My anniversary gift to Troy- advanced tickets for us both + my brother to Izzy's 4th annual Taste Awards

I tasted all these 24 flavors of ice cream. My favorites were the

sorbets- Cosmopolitan, and Lemon-Berry were the best. Curry Mango,

Sweet Corn, SpongeBob, and Mango Salsa Sorbet were also quite good.

Silky-looking luscious delphinium

Purchased last year at the St. Paul Farmer's Market- I didn't think

they'd survive the winter and now they are blooming!

Knits and Giggles' (blog) organized a knitted linen washcloth exchange

I made the third one in on the left- the pink and purple one- and

received the second one in on the right- the cranberry one

Spiderweb Capelet from SnB nation

With added tassels, In Plymouth Yarn- 95% wool with 5% metal- I LOVE

this capelet!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Bloomington, MN large turtle saved yesterday

Yesterday I was waiting at home after my session (I'm a therapist) for my honey to come home. At one point I checked my cell phone and he indeed had left a message. He said, "call me back and I will let you know why I am coming home late." I called, he didn't answer. All kinds of ideas were going through my head...what was he up to?
When he came home he said he'd done something that would make me proud. He had helped a turtle across the road. Yay for turtle rescues! He said it was a huge turtle, bigger than a frisbee. Not a snapper, though. His comments about his courageous endeavor are thus, "He was determined to get across the road- though he would not choose the path of safety- he wanted the fastest route."

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Working on my thesis and finished capelet

I have been busy working on researching my thesis. I am using a previously written research paper examining the popularity of physical punishment methods in a variety of cultures. I have the task of adding to it with additional obtained sources- but I just can't decide where to start adding the rest in.

A good part of yesterday was spent working on the Spiderweb Capelet for a wedding I'm attending on Saturday. It's in a park, and I plan to wear a strapless dress, and the capelet has silver metal with black wool yarn. It looks dressy, and lacey in a web-like way.

Weasel has been weaseling her way into trouble. Recently I lost her in my parent's laundry room. I heard her little "Wuf, wuf" distressed back- but didn't see her. I looked all over, in the closet, the dog bed, and then behind the washer and dryer. She looked up at me with her dark brown corgi eyes, one ear smushed against the wall the other against the back of the washer. She had gotten herself stuck. Just like she did last night under the couch. I was the only one home at the time, but I was able to move the washer and dryer far enough for her to slip out. Then she was fine, and unfazed.

Last week I was using my deoderant which was almost gone, and some crumbled to the floor. Buster was watching and I was hoping he wouldn't eat it. He didn't. But he did dive at the floor repeatedly, rolling in the little bits the whole time. He was vigorously rubbing the side of his head on the floor and kicking his legs while laying on his back. I guess he wanted to smell fresh and pretty like a girl. Or, maybe he's telling us that he wants another bath!

Up close

Up close
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Mirra yarn, wool with silver metal flakes

Spiderweb capelet, SnB Nation

Spiderweb capelet, SnB Nation
Originally uploaded by CorgiMom.
Just in time for an outdoor wedding on Saturday over a strapless J Crew

dragonfly dress.

Golden Valley's duck between the two lanes on Hwy 55

Traffic was awful following the big rain- stoplights were out and

intersections were flooded. But the duck was happy.

Weasel under the couch

Weasel under the couch
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Friday, June 10, 2005

Just a little bloggin'

Today marks my one week anniversary of my newly begun regular fitness program. It also marks successful fulfillment of about 30 min or exercise every other day. Yay!

It also marks the further development of my thesis, and it's appointment (by myself) with a fabulous title, "Disciplining Children in a World of Pampering and Neglect." And my new thesis advisor saying my stuff thus far looked really good.

Plus- I just got my third paper of the week done- which means I can go have fun until class at 6pm tonight. That's an accomplishment.

Oh- and in the knitting news_ I figured out how to pick up my short rowed stitches on the purlside by visiting google and then the blog,

But it's time to go shower, get ready for the day, go knit in public on my grape shapely tank and weekly knitting date with an academic colleague and faithful friend, then hang out with the in-laws in a day of fun-filled adventure.

Ciao and happy weekends and much productivity to everyone!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

My yarn order is only 20 min away from my house!

What torture! I now know that my yarn that I ordered from Herrschner's is in a nearby city. I would drive there in a second if I knew I could get it. They don't reallly need to deliver it- no problem. Just get it into my hands! As soon as it is here I can start working on tank tops. Today is the perfect day to start too- a forecast of 83, and it's knitting time with my friend Leslie this morning.

Since I finished my Gloria, I too, like Wendy Knits have felt some PPD. Post project doldrums. I started a segment for charity for Warm up America, and am still working on my first linen washcloth, Mancala Mia from knitty, and my sock that was messed up since last Wednesday's SnB. It is unlike me to allow a mess-up to remain for such a long time, but last night was the first time I tried to fix it.

It also helps keep the knitting down when I am busy writing stuff for school. I completed some work on Tuesday, and brought it to the post office to weigh and mail. Last night I got another thing done (that was due yesterday, might I add). When I completed it at around 8:30pm I decided to walk it to our post office mailbox. First I checked at what time the sunsets 'cause I am scared of bats. I realized I had about 25 min so I set out with Buster to conquer the mission. We made it, safe and sound with no bats visible. Now today, I should be able to knit peacefully, knowing that the next thing I have due is a 4 page paper on Thusday. I should have plenty of time to whip that out.