Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oh cute, someone took their Greyhounds dogs to the park!

Just like we took little Weasel and Buster McDuster to the park. Wait! Um...there's a lot of them. Like five, and they are really big! I'm kinda scared of that many big greyhounds in a pack- AH!!! They are deer!

This is what I said while walking at near-dusk in a semi-unfamiliar, but previously familiar park. DH and I took the dogs to a park in New Brighton after dropping my sister and brother in law off at their car (they had rode back in Arenal my XB with us from WI).

About an hour or so elapsed before we called them- to bail us out of the dark park.By then we had found our way out of the dark and then scary to me park, and onto neighborhood like land with good suburban lighting. They were willing to "rescue" us and our dogs, and then chauffeur us back to Arenal in the parking lot of the dark park. Thankyou, a big shout out for the help out!


renee said...

Sounds like a scary experience! One time I was walking my dog around the neighborhood and thought I spied a big dog running loose. I tried to approach it to see if there were tags when I saw that it was actually a deer. It seemed so weird to me to see a deer running loose in St. Paul!

panthergirl said...

LOL.... greyhounds are about the least scary dogs you can encounter! They're fast, but gentle.

panthergirl said...

LOL at myself... I just realized that you meant they really WERE deer!