Sunday, March 19, 2006

The XB organization

My red car is not in my possession yet. But that's okay. The dealership desired to please us, well, please me for sure as the new car owner-to-be, and in return for a delay on my last extra feature on my car being back-ordered offered me in compensation the use of the Silver Scion XB track vehicle. I joked with DH, that maybe I could drive it till Wednesday SnB, and he said the dealership said that's fine. Plus, they apparently are letting me borrow it till mine is done, and ready. Sweet deal. It pays to be overly excited and anticipatory, and to patronize a car dealership that wants to please its customer.

So, I get to practice on the XB before mine is here. I just practiced organizing it for my crazy "my-car-is-my-office" job. I found a way to make it very neat and tidy. If anyone wants to play a game with me I am set, I have at least 10 games for kids in my car, and fortunately I no longer have the VCR in the back seat. That I had been using to watch a parenting video with clients who are vcr-less.

This morning I went running at our club, and saw a live special on IRAQ. Blah, I thought, and very depressing. I decided to switch the station on the tv, and just one station away from the IRAQ show I found TLC, then, another click away was Animal Planet. I chose TLC, and watched While You Were Out for the first time in months. The running went well and fast, and it was great to watch interior decorating while running.

The knitting has been neglected lately. I am glad to say that I am able to knit faster than when I started knitting so I can attempt to make up for less knitting time. Twice this week I was knitting and my eyes started to blur and I nearly fell asleep. Last night I did fall asleep. My eyes were crossing after a long but wonderful day of baby shower preparations and hosting, and as I watched Dr. Phil on the TIVO I began to feel very sleepy. I just barely finished my row of 33 sts before falling asleep. I had to tough it out to do that much. Then, and this is a momentous but sad occasion, I placed my knitting back into my knitting bag, zipped it up tightly, and reclined, falling asleep instantly.

This afternoon we are going to help some friends on their wedding invitation assembly process. It should be fun, but I will be helping with a Starbucks in hand.

I have gotten a little knitting in on the blue baby boy sweater. I would like to be prepared for my best friend's baby- be it a boy or a girl. And I really think it is going to be a girl, and my mom thinks the same thing, based on her pregnancy side profile. It's been fun to get to hear her pregnancy stories and to watch her grow.

Happpy pre-spring knitting!

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