Friday, June 23, 2006

My first boogabag

My first boogabag
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On June 8th I took my licensing exam for my profession. To mark this

milestone I decided it was time to knit this ultra popular felted bag.

I promptly went to "From the Heart" in Woodbury, as it was across the

street from the place I purchased my post-test lunch, which was

Bruegger's Herby Turkey sandwich and a caramel coffee cooler from

Caribou coffee. When I got there I was so excited! (this is starting to

sound like the intro to a story I wrote as a kid called 'My life as a

Dog' about my old dog Patches) There on the front door was a sign that

rang like music to an obsessed knitters' ears "SALE ALL Yarn 30%!!!!"

And the day grew a bit happier. Happier still was the following

Saturday, the last day of this oh so awesome yarn sale when I went a

little wild and purchased yarn for 2 more Noro/Cascade 220 cardigans

patterned off of my other one of the same yarn combinations.


renee said...

That's the place by the bread store, right? When did they start carrying yarn? I went there to check things out a year or so ago and there wasn't a skein to be seen then. I'll have to check it out - except I'm on a yarn moratorium. :-(

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

These are great colors! : )

Corgimom said...

No, it is not by a bread store, it is by Acapulco and Panera in Woodbury. It's at the intersection of City Center Drive and Radio Drive.

beth said...

Lookin' good so far! I'm telling you those are addictive so you should probably just go buy more wool now.