Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Knitting Liesl and a little confession about me

Out of yummy geranio colored merino Malabrigo

This is the first time I have knit with this stuff. I can't believe I waited
so long. It's all because of my fine chocolate mentality. I can't eat/use
the luxurious fibers that I've bought because then they will be gone. So,
with certain hard to obtain or premium food or candy or whatnot, I often end
up throwing the last little bit away- since I've waited too long to eat it
and it goes bad in the meantime.

I've tried to get better about this, and actually started eating some of my
newer candy/chocolate first, rather than "saving it till later."

I have tried to apply the same principle to my yarn. I admit to having a lot
of yarn, be it acrylic, wool, sock yarn, and even hand-painted $$$ sock

I tried to knit with my newer purchases first, then use the older stuff
later. For some reason it helps me use more of my yarn stash, and that
includes "old" yarn. With chocolate I've done the same, and have opened new
(thanks for the Scharfenberger goods Dan! I heart them) chocolate and even
eaten some of it.

Like my chocolate and fine yarns approach is my "garage sale" approach. If I
go to a sale I look for the best thing/bargain there. Rather than evaluate
that thing against all the other things in my life/home I feel compelled to
buy it. This is the reason why I try to stay away from garage sales. I need
to learn to see the big picture, not just the shiny needle in the haystack
of junk.

If I would only shop my own stash, I could save so much money. But where's
the buying rush in that?!

How do other knitters and crafters approach their stash? Does it work for

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