Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Open gym at church

Open gym at church
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This was Noah's second time in our church's gym. This was his response to
seeing kids playing with basketballs in the gym. It was a bit like a deer in
the headlights, just frozen. I love his posture, he's leaning in with rapt
attention, mesmerized by the shiny new floor, and sounds of balls being
dribbled and pounded into the wood floor.

I was volunteering later on, and missed seeing Noah wander back time and
time again to re-experience the gym. What was I doing? I was making cotton

It was tons of fun, and a bit messy. I wore an apron from home, but it was
my arms and hair that got the most messy. By the time I was done, about 2
hours later, my hair had a sticky cloud of sugar lightly crisped up. It was
really funny. I had never seen so many flavors. They had lemon (not a hit
with the kids), lime, silly nilly pink, and my favorite, green apple. I
would seriously consider a part time job at the state fair making cotton
candy now...

To Dh's horror, I offered some cotton candy to Noah. He refused to open his
mouth to taste it .

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