Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jewelry hanger

Jewelry hanger
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I bought this a few weeks ago in Mound, and their big festival of the Lakes.
We hung it up the other day- finally! They're made of copper wire, and have
a really nice sculptural meets function feel to them. A man was making and
selling these, at the same art and craft show that had Splatgirl. You will
remember her from the post with the pic of Noah in front of all the tasty
luscious brightly colored bags, dog collars, etc. Immediately I repopulated
it with my favorite jewelry- the first with necklaces, and bracelets, the
other with earrings. They really add a lot of texture to our nearly bare
bedroom walls. (We have a sarong wall hanging above the bed at the head
board area, and to the side we have 3 candle sconces draped with some chili
pepper lights. The other wall by the door has a square of "wall-magic" blue
paint, a remnant from the previous wall color I did upon moving in 6ish
years ago. )

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I like them! ~e