Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dinner at friends' house in Mpls

Dinner at friends' house in Mpls
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This is amazing- they made coconut covered fried shrimp from scratch, with
made from scratch peanut dipping sauce, coconut spoon bread, saffron rice,
and mango fruit salsa, I made 2 desserts. My first ever pie crust for a
strawberry rhubarb custard pie, and my first cobbler, peach and blueberry
(fruits from my in-laws in WI's nearby farmer's market).

The pie crust recipe- Mark Bittman, of course
Pie recipe- Joy of Rhurbarb (or something like that)
Cobbler- Eating Well magazine

I was inspired to make the pie from reading about pie and crust making on
another blog I read, First Position. A friend told me about it. The writer
has a little boy similar in age to Noah.

All turned out really well, and tasty.

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