Monday, August 31, 2009

Spa relaxation

Totally unrelated to the deodorant bit, but I went to the Spa today. First I exercised and walked, jogged, and ran on the treadmill. I hadn't jogged or ran for months. I went in the hot tub, and followed it up with the Kohler Experience shower.

This shower has 4 heads, one directly above your head like a waterfall, then another like a normal shower, and three more square heads in a vertical line at shoulder height on down. There was a laminated instruction plaque that I removed from the shower door and took into the shower with me, so I could figure it out. The keypad for it looked like an IPOD. There was a blue display a few buttons and a large dial. I tried out most of the settings. It was quite good, and had excellent water pressure. You could even select your temperature, 101-102 degrees for me. Ahh.

Then, I quick snacked on some mini animal crackers and drank the lime spa water till my appt. DH had bought me a gift certificate for Christmas, and since there was a discount available this week, their very own deal on a stick ala State Fair, it was time to use it. I had a 100 min MN river rock massage. Those hot rocks feel amazing with massage oil and a skilled masseuse. 'Twas uber relaxing:) Thanks DH!


Anonymous said...

Jealous! ~e

Corgimom said...

u should be!