Tuesday, July 28, 2009

where o where o where is the memory card reader, baby?

I was over in Mound a few weeks back as I HAD to meet Splatgirl. She has an aqua kitchen filled with IKEA, like me, likes to cook, loves bright colors and sews the most amazing, stylish bags/dog collars/MOO pockets/etc. Rewind a few weeks before that, and she'd posted that she'd be at the Art Fest on Lake Minnetonka. So I had to put it on my calendar.

Did I know where Mound was? NO, no matter. Google maps led the way.

I took a pic of Noah in front of her tastyliscious display- and promise to post it when the card reader appears. He unplugged it under DH's watch- and went off with it somewhere. I don't blame him, it's cool and blinks blue.

Well, I was over on SplatGirl Creates, and she had sampled my fav. waffle recipe to compare with her fav waffle recipe, from the Joy of Cooking. Both recipes use yeast, her's uses a half a packet, the Mark Bittman "How to Cook Everything" book uses the whole packet. Both waffles are super yummy.

A few weekends ago I surprised DH with the Joy of Cooking waffles, insisting that we had to try them, since Splat Girls said they were the best. They were quite good, but the waffle rivalry lives on. And now I hear my tummy rumble...

Sunday, I made another new recipe. We'd had amazing ricotta pancakes while in Australia 6 yrs. ago on our honeymoon, and tried to duplicate them with mixed results. I'd intended to make them the other day, but stumbled on yet another new pancake recipe using sour cream and cream cheese. We were 1 egg short for the recipe, but I gave it a go anyway. So I used the 2 eggs, and goofed up after separating them, I added the whites to the rest of the mix. I tried to salvage the problem by pouring them off into another bowl and trying to whip them anyway. They never got stiff, but the pancakes were still the best I'd ever tasted. So moist and creamy, I think I've become a pancake snob...

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